Nursing Ethics in Patient Advocacy

Mr. Lilly needed to receive an increased dose of morphine, but his condition made health care professionals doubt whether he was looking for painkillers just to overcome his pain or he wanted to satisfy his addiction. It was also important not to harm his health in this way. The nurse decided to support him and convinced the physician to do the same even though he opposed this idea initially.

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Meeting her responsibility, she followed four phases of caring. She recognized the necessity of dose alteration and identified his needs properly. The nurse focused on her duty to respond to the patient’s experiences and interacted with a physician and convinced him to increase the morphine dose, overcoming a conflict. Finally, Mr. Lilly received the treatment he required (Lachman, 2012). Focusing on collaboration, I would contact a physician and advocate for Mr. Lilly, emphasizing that the hospital focuses on the patient’s needs (ANA staff, 2016). I would provide evidence to prove that he is less responsive to analgesia than other patients, adding that he is not addictive to such substances.


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