Nutrition and Weight Status: Health Promotion Plan


The health situation in Miami community varies from one area to another. In a similar manner, there are different issues to attend concerning the nutrition and weight status in the community. The most significant ones of them include obesity and over-weight problem, the issue of malnutrition, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and different cardiovascular diseases, iron-deficiency anemia, and other problems (Healthy People 2020, 2016). A substantial part of the community is affected by the issue of nutrition and weight. 67.4% of the residents of the Miami-Dade County are obese or overweight, and a significant number of people of different age and social groups suffer from other problems connected with nutrition and diet (Community Profile: Miami-Dade County, Florida, 2015). It is the priority of the medical professional of all kind to try to contribute to the improvement in the weight and nutrition status. The cause of the nutrition-related disease often lies in the lack of awareness of the hazards of improper diet (Wellman, & Friedberg, 2002). The objective of this health promotion plan is to address the issue at its very root and to increase the public understanding of the problem, as well as possible consequences for the life of community, families, and individuals.

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Purpose of the Plan

Application and Statistical Background

With more than 60% of Miami population obese and overweight, the county has a rate of 24.5% of the adult population who are not involved in any physical activity. There are 78.8 % of the total number of residents who do not meet the governmental standard of the daily vegetable and fruit consumption (Community Profile: Miami-Dade County, Florida, 2015). Those are two main issues derived from the statistical studies that need to be addressed. Given the fact that the problem of weight and nutrition status requires resolution on many levels, the area of the plan application should include the whole Miami-Dade County, South of Florida, Florida Keys.

Aims and Goals of the Plan

The primary objective of the plan is the educational impact on the Miami population, including promotion work in schools, as well as enlarging the proportion of vegetables in the school meals. The community needs to be more aware of the less obvious dangers of unhealthy dieting, as well as to understand how bad eating and dieting habits spread through the community.

Another objective is preventing the adults of different ages from gaining weight. The key point here is that some of the hazardous consequences of bad nutrition and weight problems may seem distant and unreal, whereas, in fact, a significant part of the community already suffers from them.

On the other hand, it is important to provide a positive example as well because our goal is not to make a terrifying impression on the population but to enhance the interest in the healthy diet and positive nutrition habits in the community.

Health Promotion Plan

The main aim of the plan is to organize the structured educational and promotional work, as well as healthy diet workshops on the regular basis. The educational framework of the health promotion plan is aimed to raise the awareness of the issues of the nutrition and weight status among the different social groups in the community. The workshops will include communication with the people of the healthy lifestyle and will provide positive examples of the healthy dieting changing the life for the better.


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