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Health Promotion Plan – Infant and Older Adults

With the growth of globalization the problems regarding health are growing day by day and the old saying “health is wealth” is becoming relevant in every sense. Now a new concept called health promotion has been started. The goal of health promotion is to increase the level of health of individuals, families, and communities. Health promotion is a comprehensive and systematic approach towards the health of an individual or a collection of people who share some common interest; they can live in a community or members of a family etc. In short, it can be said that health promotion strategies often focus on lifestyle changes which ultimately lead to new, positive, health behaviors for both an individual and a community. And that affects positively any person who is undergoing these promotional events (Timmreck 2003). As per surveys the first stage and the last stage of human life, infancy and old adulthood, are really prone to diseases. At the very beginning of life the immunity system of a child takes time to develop and in the meantime, it may fall into different chronic diseases, and in old age, our systems fail to protect our body and the sane result shows there too. Also, mental problems arise in old age in most cases.

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Some common health problems for infants are asthma, eczema, urinary tract infections, and these problems require immediate medical attention. Some other minor health hazards for these kids are hair loss, cradle cap, and Acrocyanosis (DiClemente 2009). Babies have to get their recommended immunizations from the physicians early. It is common for newborn babies to have jaundice. The problem occurs more seriously if it is a premature one. Immature lungs, convulsions are some of the problems that may occur to an infant. It is totally understandable that if anything happens to the infant baby the parents and the full family goes under tremendous mental stress. If someone has a health promotion plan he will readily get from many resources, like many support groups, also one can devise strategies by professionals so that how to take care of the child in future so that it can be as healthy as possible in future. Many doctors and hospitals take utmost care in the United States in these cases and that would really be sufficient to take care of any sick infant (Lium and Mandle 2005).

The last stage of human life, i.e. older adulthood is another part in which people tend to fall ill. In this period of time, health problems appear both physically and mental ways. Mentally first discuss the mental problems that can occur to an older adult person. In old age the responsibilities are passed on to the next generation, maybe the vigor that was the characteristic of the person once slowly fades out. Sometimes people find it hard to adjust to these issues. The generation gap also becomes a bigger issue with a person and his or her surrounding people. The mental and physical problems can cast a dooming effect on the person. They can have mental counseling to get rid of this mental blockage. On the other hand, physical problems like arthritis, hearing and sighting problems, diabetics, weak bones, heart problems, etc can cause various problems. The older persons to be mentally fit have to undergo medical counseling regularly. Rehabilitation programs, alternative therapies can be used in these cases. There are dedicated teams of doctors in the USA who are always available to help in these cases (Lium and Mandle 2005).

The basic thing of health promotion is to serve the clients, in this case who are really sick in a proper methodical way. And this happens ultimately. The health of the patients is of first and foremost importance to any health promotion campaign, and the campaigners do not forget that for a single moment. People can safely rely on them on these issues.


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