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Nutritional Supplements, Weight Loss Plans and Working Out


Rarely do I use supplements because I always strive to ensure my diet meets all the nutritional needs. However, I only take them with doctors’ prescriptions. I understand that supplements should never be equated to food substitutes (Functional Fitness Facts Article 4). This is because they cannot reproduce the nutritional benefits derived from whole foods, which have three key benefits; essential fiber, greater nutrition, and protective substances.

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Vitamin supplements are vital for preventing Vitamin C, D, and Iron deficiency (Goodwin Article 4). This prevents impaired brain development, critical bone- health problems, and enhances bone health. Vitamin and mineral supplements improve mood and mental performance. In addition, they minimize mental fatigue and stress. However, using more than the recommended dietary intake of supplements leads to adverse health effects. The following groups of people are more likely to use supplements; the elderly, children, pregnant, and lactating mothers.

To obtain all vitamins and minerals from the diet, a person should consume a wide array of foods. These should include fish, lean, meat, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products. Moreover, foods should be prepared appropriately before, during, and after cooking, to ensure maximum nutrient preservation. According to Functional Fitness Facts (Article 4), food storage determines nutritional value.

Kauffman (233) asserts that there exists a lot of confusion regarding dietary supplements. It is extremely difficult to identify false and genuine supplements. Hence, a person should learn as much as they can about mineral and vitamin supplements, to make the best choices. I received information on supplements from a friend who was dealing with a supplement company. The information made me curious, and I decided to search on the internet. The following websites were of considerable help; Federal Trade Commission and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Weight Loss Plans

Commercial Weight Chains

Commercial weight-loss plans provide a wide range of support tools and options. The plan is beneficial in that there is the inclusion of nutritional meal plans and counseling. It provides significant value but is extremely expensive. One can choose Jenny Crag, Weight Watchers International, Medifast, or Diet Center.

Self-Help, Do- it- Yourself Weight Loss Plans

The majority of people prefer the plan since it is effective and inexpensive. The plan provides meal replacement products for suppressing appetite, which results in weight loss. This weight loss plan proved to be the most successful (Kauffman 234).

For successful weight management, nutrient supplementation from food intake is essential. In addition, how much quality protein a person consumes in the diet is the sole vital calorie, which impacts the metabolic rate (Functional Fitness Facts Article 4). This influences weight loss favorably. It is also worth noting that the quality of protein offers immense health benefits.

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Exercise and maintaining a food diary are vital assets in losing weight successfully. A person should eat slowly always, and avoid fatty foods. Moreover, joining a weight management group is more productive, as opposed to when an individual is working alone. Some weight loss programs do not produce long-term effects if; people are not fully committed to changing, people lack goals, and keen monitoring is absent, a person lacks support, and a long-term plan (Dickinson Article 6). A person should therefore choose to change and remain focused.

Working out in a Gym

I do work out in a gym. During the workout routine, I engage in multi-joint (compound) and single-joint exercises, bench, and dumbbell presses. There are five primary fitness components;

  • Cardiovascular fitness,
  • Muscle endurance
  • Muscle strength
  • Body composition
  • Flexibility

Gym aerobic is extremely effective in developing the respiratory system and improving aerobic endurance (Di Pasquale 57). Cycling is vital in building strong quads while mountain biking is useful in developing upper body strength. One can improve strength by weighing themselves regularly. Muscle endurance can improve immensely through yoga. Holding poses helps develop mental toughness and improves flexibility and endurance (Harvey-Berino & Hendley Article 3). This improves flexibility immensely and helps reduce injury after falls. Moreover, cycling and bench presses help to burn fat. However, it is imperative to consume a healthy diet always. Riding bikes is useful in maintaining health. For a balanced, fit body, stretching and strength training are vital. It is instructive that a person stretches immediately after every workout. This is because the muscles are warm at this time and stretch easily.

A person should take the appropriate amount of calories. This ensures that there is proper weight management and that the person has energy for working out. Proper nutrition is essential in fueling the workout. A person should not take too much food to prevent frustrations and weight gain. On the other hand, consuming too little food leaves someone without adequate energy for the workout. Proteins are vital for muscle building, and vitamins ensure a healthy immunity (Di Pasquale 73).


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