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Occupational Safety and Health Threat Scenarios

An Unannounced Inspection Scenario

By the company rules and regulations, the OSHA inspector should be informed that the general manager whom the company is accountable was not present, therefore not possible the inspection of the premise. At the same time, the inspector should be informed of the present change and renovations taking place within the mentioned areas and should be aware that all these are taking place for the good of all employees.

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Warrant to enter the workplace should be granted; this may grant ample time to put things in order. The renovations are intended to protect the health and well-being of employees hence eliminating health hazards that might arise in the future within the workplace. The management should ensure that each employee and level of supervision is completely educated concerning the elements of the safety program the company is putting in place (New Hampshire Department of Labor, 2010).

Within the warrant time, employees should be advised to discuss freely with the management, any issue concerning their well-being instead of leaking information to outside authorities without the knowledge of the company. The supervisors should investigate and report promptly all incidences about employees within their respective fields to allow an immediate response. The company should adhere to its established written procedure which directs incident investigations.

First of all immediate supervisors should be contacted as well as Joint Loss Management Committee, then other assigned individuals within the company are allowed to perform the investigation process to determine the incident and appropriate response towards it. In such a case all commitment irrespective of individual differences should be based on the company’s overall policies and goals.

Management should ensure the existence of the spirit of collaboration with the employees to prevent the formation of unions. This would encourage a high level of honesty and respect within the company. These calls for management’s deep understanding of particular employee activities which ensures reduction on the level of danger employees are at times exposed to (New Hampshire Department of Labor, 2010).

Serious Near-Miss Crane Incident Scenario

In such a situation, first of all, it is important to ensure that all workers are brought to safety while the injured attended to immediately. The company’s prescribed Health and safety plan and evacuation emergency plan should be immediately implemented within the site and barriers/safeguards stopping any unauthorized trespassers put in place. Instruction is then given to trained personnel to inspect the situation at the same time interview individuals as soon as possible in an attempt to determine the exact cause. The scene should be photographed and sketches on the crane and the manner through which it could be corrected analyzed.

A new crane having the capacity to carry the hanging load should be brought in to carry the load without allowing it to crumble down. This work should be done by the professionals within the safety Committee functioning within the workplace. Employees and supervisors should be advised to take an active role in achieving the objectives of the Safety Committee. However, the impending hazard should be either eliminated or isolated to prevent further damage (Heathfield, 2010).

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All levels of supervision and employees should immediately be made aware of the elements of the safety measures being taken, then advised to wear correct protective equipment for such exposure. The supervisors should be alerted to always correct any unsafe condition brought to their attention by junior employees since in such cases some employees knew that the crane was truly overloaded but it seems the supervisor in charge ignored. If at all any OSHA staff appears, the management team would take him through the measures already undertaken to stabilize the situation and at the same time be informed about the cause of the accident after the complete investigation done by the Company’s Safety Committee (Heathfield, 2010).


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