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Parenting Techniques Analysis

The text divides parenting into four styles according to the level of parental responsiveness and demandingness. Parents who display low levels of both these dimensions are indifferent since they pay insufficient attention to their children’s lives and stay focused mainly on themselves. Indulgent parents only show high levels of responsiveness by accepting their children’s needs, giving them ultimate freedom of development, and supplying them with all of the necessary resources. Authoritarian parents are the opposite since they are highly demanding, value obedience, and do not accept their child’s independence. Families that combine responsiveness and demandingness have authoritative parents who deal with their child’s needs rationally, encourage their autonomy, and leave themselves responsible for kids’ wellbeing. The last category is considered the most effective because children develop in an environment of permanent care and sufficient freedom. However, there can be cases where other parenting styles are acceptable. For example, when a child has physical or mental disabilities, he or she requires a lot of control from authoritarian parents. Also, sometimes children become independent at a young age (for instance, they can be actors, artists, or influencers), and parents can be indulgent to let kids develop their careers themselves.

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The piece of news about a «helicopter mom» depicts a very controversial parenting technique. The mother appears to be sure that her actions are aimed at helping her sons to succeed, and what she does is caring. Nevertheless, experts claim that she is doing the wrong thing since she «hovers over every stage of her child’s development» (ABC News, 00:05:12-00:05:16). She does not allow her sons to become self-reliant and independent, so her parenting can be described as somewhat authoritarian. I do not think this is the right way to treat children, especially of adult age, who live separately and study at colleges. As it can be seen, the sons lacked some of the basic skills, such as shopping and tidying, and felt somewhat a burden to call their mother thrice a day. If I were to approach this situation and maintain a close relationship with my children, I would instead teach them all of the micromanagement techniques and offered them to call me for advice, but not for a report. I believe that trusting your children is a way to establish the best communication with them.


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