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Patient Engagement and Population Management

Patient participation is an essential part of healthcare and is increasingly recognized as an important part of delivering safe and people-centred services. Patients who are actively participating in care can make more informed decisions about treatment options. In addition, resources can be better used when they are in line with patient priorities that are important to the sustainability of healthcare systems around the world. People who use medical services are looking for an increasingly responsive, open and transparent medical system. They expect doctors to involve them in decision making, but individual patients may have significantly different preferences for such involvement.

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Patient involvement not only impacts patient and provide education and guidelines but can also improve service delivery and governance. More evidence is needed to understand patient experiences with the engagement process and whether these results lead to improved quality of care. This has made public health management an important health initiative, as evidenced by various government programs such as the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and the meaningful use of EHR programs

As the healthcare industry moves to a value-based model, providers must understand how to maintain public health while delivering patient-centered care. Physicians have the opportunity to improve public health care through diverse patient interactions and compassionate patient care using medical IT and mobile health applications. Providing a complete picture of the patient’s medical history is important for improving patient involvement and community health care. First of all, improving patient access to health information through the patient portal allows patients to be more active in their care. When patients are struggling, they are more likely to work hard to improve their health.

Patient-generated health data has the potential to increase patient involvement while also improving population health. Many patients obtain this information through the use of apps or devices such as wearable fitness trackers. These devices are valuable because they assist in the generation of patient-generated health data, allowing physicians to fill the EHR data gap. Moreover, mHealth devices are extremely valuable because they assist patients with chronic illnesses in managing their health and making positive health and lifestyle decisions.

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