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Patients’ Expectations from Healthcare Industry

Increased Level of Knowledge

The problem of inadequate expectation of patients could now be considered one of the important issues that should be solved as it results in financial difficulties for healthcare institutions. Considering the nature of the problem, two possible solutions could help to improve the situation in the sphere. First, it is recommended to increase the patients level of knowledge for them to evaluate the quality of the suggested services and their price. By the latest statistics, the majority of cases related to patients expectations failure result from the inadequate appraisal and inability to determine the price of the suggested service (Kitapci, Akdogan, & Dortyol, 2014). For this reason, patients should be provided with information about the current situation in the health care sector and the average price for specific procedures needed to guarantee a speedy recovery. Additionally, the increased level of knowledge will also help to improve the state of health because of peoples ability to monitor it. Besides, in case a person realizes the nature of a health problem he/she experiences and the needed treatment, he/she will also be able to accept its price.

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Sponsors Participation

The second solution to the problem could be encouraging investors to participate in the process through dissemination programs. The fact is that the price for some services remains ambiguously high and numerous patients are not able to afford it (Mosadeghrad, 2014). Even in case their expectations do not fail, and they realize the great necessity of a certain procedure, they could cancel it because of the financial aspect. For this reason, sponsors involvement in the issue could be considered a good solution to the problem. Their participation could decrease the price of the most expensive services significantly and attain patients appraisal. Furthermore, specific programs to support the most vulnerable groups could also become efficient in terms of the current state of the healthcare sector (Mosadeghrad, 2014).


The given solutions are chosen because of their efficiency and comparatively simple implementation process. First of all, it is crucial to create conditions for patients education and sponsors engagement. For this reason, the participation of a medical units administration is essential. They will create the legal basis for these solutions use and gather support to guarantee positive outcomes. Additionally, nurses and other health workers should contribute to the implementation of the given approach by providing information to patients and demonstrating the unique need for financing to potential sponsors.

Nurses Role

Altogether, the nurses role in the project remains crucial. They are the first to meet patients and face their dissatisfaction in case their expectations fail. For this reason, they are interested in the improvement of the current situation and enhanced state of the financial sector. Yet, they also perform an educative function and inform patients about peculiarities of their cases or specific treatments (Sommers, Goold, McGlynn, Pearson, & Danis, 2013). That is why they could become the main educators who will be able to educate patients about the price of certain services and the quality of the suggested treatment.


In conclusion, the attempt to increase the level of patients knowledge and engage sponsors in the process could be considered the best possible solutions to the issue. Nurses still play a crucial role in the process as they are the main health workers who meet patients and try to satisfy their needs.


Kitapci, O., Akdogan, C., & Dortyol, I. T. (2014). The impact of service quality dimensions on patient satisfaction, repurchase intentions and word-of-mouth communication in the public healthcare industry. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 148(1), 161-169.

Mosadeghrad, A. M. (2014). Factors influencing healthcare service quality. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 3(2), 77-89.

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Sommers, R., Goold, S. D., McGlynn, E. A., Pearson, S. D., & Danis, M. (2013). Focus groups highlight that many patients object to clinicians’ focusing on costs. Health Affairs, 32(2), 338-346.

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