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Prevalence of Childhood and Adult Obesity in the US

For the last decades, obesity became a serious medical concern in Miami. According to the recent investigations, a significant part of the American population has problems with excessive weight. It is scientifically proved that obesity may lead to severe health problems and increase the risk of a stroke or diabetes. Medical workers insist on taking measures to prevent the problem by promoting healthier standards of living. It is crucial to address this issue with the development of effective strategies and implementation of the new policies.

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The process of planning and implementing new strategies will require the support from the government. The preliminary research and analysis of the existing policies have shown that Joe Geller is the policymaker that is competent to provide a proper assistance regarding the issue. At the moment he is a member of the Florida House of Representative. Before scheduling the meeting with the legislator, the detailed plan and convincing argumentation for the proposal are to be prepared.

The problem of obesity originates in harmful habits and unhealthy lifestyle that is common for the majority of the modern population. The predominance of office work, intense studying and popularity of such entertainment as computer games and television, cause the lack of physical activity. Combined with a bad nutrition inactive life often leads to the excessive weight and the following health problems. Among other issues, obesity is potentially harmful to heart, liver, and respiratory system.

According to the research by Ogden, Carrol, Kit and Flegal, more than one-third of US adult population are obese (2014). Statistical data show that the obesity frequency is still high and preventive measures are needed. Finkelstein et al. examined the current tendencies for obesity and developed a forecast, according to which, from 42 to 51% of the Americans will have overweight problems by 2030 (2012). If the forecast is correct, the increase in obesity level would have a significant adverse effect on healthcare expenses. The prevalence of obesity presents a crucial problem for the patient care quality, since many healthcare facilities experience shortage of nurses.

Most of these nurses have to work overtime to take care of all existing patients. In order to reduce the cases of obesity, a number of objectives have to be set. Since the harmful habits of modern society are the primary causes of the problem, the future policies should focus on promoting the healthy living. The activists will develop the effective means of spreading the information about the harmful consequences of obesity and the methods of its prevention. The series of sport and social events promoting physical activity are to be organized throughout the city. Individuals that are experiencing the issues of obesity at the moment have to receive the sufficient support and medical care.

The facts mentioned earlier prove the urgent and dangerous character of the issue and emphasize the necessity of taking action. The analyzed data demonstrates that the problem of obesity has a national scale, affects the well-being of society and state economy. Therefore, it is essential for the government to be involved in the process of its solution.

The obesity among adults is a major medical problem in Miami and the United States. Statistics and scientific research proved that the scale of that issue is increasing every year and constitutes a serious threat to the health of the population and the state economy. It is expected that with the help of the policymaker Joe Geller, we will raise the public awareness about the issue and lead a series of projects aimed at preventing the disease. If successful, the implementation of the strategies will reduce the obesity prevalence, improve the working conditions for the nurses, and have a positive effect on a well-being of the community.

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