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Ethics Issues: Personal Responsibility


The enthusiasm for admitting the significance of values that societies set for personal behavior is referred to as personal responsibility. It entails making active personal determinations to live based on the values. In fact, it also means that when a person fails to meet the anticipated values, he/she does not search around for reasons outside to point out fingers to others.

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The loss of personal responsibility happens when one person points fingers at the relatives, friends, financial situations, or the community for failing to maintain the standards. In this essay, personal responsibility is addressed based on education. The paper explores the relationship between personal responsibility and college success. Consequently, the essay develops an introductory plan to exercise personal responsibility in education.

Main Body

What it means to me

Personal responsibility in relation to education concerns taking control of individual’san learning. It concerns the completion of coursework on time and revising for the assessments.

It also means accepting learning errors and failures as well as accomplishing learning obligations to the topmost level of the learner’s capabilities. It acknowledges the significance of parents and teachers as stakeholders. However, the student is in charge of the learning processes.

When applied in learning, it entails the acceptance of responsibility to enable smooth study. As a matter of fact, studying hard may mean that the students learn as much as possible the subjects that exert pressure beyond the limit of their abilities. The student in this scenario strives and grasps the concepts taught in class. In addition, the student makes an effort to explore the topic or subject further outside the class environment.

The approach means that the student may consult classmates, read books that are not ordinarily used in the classroom, and search throughout the internet for e elaborate details on the topic. The student may find books in libraries to understand the subject matter. The approach means that the students’ take subjects that equip them for whichever course they undertake.

When considering personal responsibility working hard is compulsory. The rationale behind this is that the single most precise forecaster for college excellence is high school grade. Good grades indicate the student’s capability augmented via hard work. Reluctant students must be ready for an environment that encourages hard work.

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The objective also demands for spirited personal determination. When a student fails to be admitted to college, it requires them to register for the training courses. Devoid of the occupational training, traineeship or a degree program, the destination of such an individual is the existence in peripheral occupation and earnings (Haskins, 2009).

The relationship between personal responsibility and college success

Personal responsibility regards the identity and awareness of an individual towards a successful life. It is talking about all the necessary actions to ensure the realization of an individual’s original plan. Personal responsibility affects matters that are pertinent to an individual’s life, including education.

It encompasses self-discipline and restraint. A student possessing the virtue of personal responsibility cultivates the control of actions and reactions. They are not susceptible to peer-pressure given that they do not point fingers at others when things go wrong. It is likely for a student without such virtues to blame friends for failing in their coursework. A student with this virtue will not blame teachers.

In fact, such a student evaluates the cause of failures and endeavors to improve on their grades. The realization drives the urge that it is their responsibility to learn and pass exams. The rationale explains the motivation for personal responsibility in attaining higher scores than any other class counterpart (Mwangi, 2014).

The preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility

Inherently, there are three principal areas that young adults require to acquire and exercise personal responsibility. These include education, sexual conduct, and work. It is imperative to be guided by a strong and honest set of goals. The approach implies having a plan on how one aspires to develop the course of life. Personal responsibility is neither an accident nor an event. It is erudite conduct.

It demands persistence and personal effort. To inculcate virtue, I plan to complete the chores assigned to me by my parents. The approach helps in developing positive foundation and attitude towards chores and assignments given by teachers. I endeavor to follow instructions in class and inquire from teachers when I undergo confusion.

I will document my coursework and school projects. Besides, I will develop a timetable to assist in the timely completion of homework and projects. Regular studying for assessments will be the focal point in achieving personal responsibility. I plan to seek assistance from teachers, peers, and parents when need arise. Finally, I have set my mind that learning is my responsibility and I should do it to the best of my ability.

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Personal responsibility is essential to students. It is imperative for individuals to embrace personal responsibility at an early age. The indifference, mishaps, and lethargy that lead to inferior living standards are avoidable if students exercise personal responsibility.

Responsible individuals avoid shifting blames to others as they take responsibility for their actions or inactions. When things go wrong, such individuals examine the situation to learn what went wrong and work to correct the situation.

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