Responsibility and Its Meaning in Personal Life


Every human being is a unique creature that has its own peculiarities and perspectives on numerous issues and problems that arise in the course of his/her development. The approach to these questions and the ways to solve the most nagging problems are predetermined by an individuals value system and mentality. For this reason, everyone understands meaningful aspects of the life in his/her unique way. I believe that this very understanding has the great impact on a persons life and predetermines his/her behavior in certain situations. Moreover, there is a set of the most important notions the impact and meaning of which for a persons evolution could hardly be overestimated, and responsibility is one of them.

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My definition of responsibility

I think that being responsible means to consider the possible aftermath of your actions and the impact they might have on objects, people, or other phenomena that are dependent on you. It is one of the most important feelings that alter the way people live and shape their attitude to the world. A responsible person is more appreciated by society as his/her actions are focused on the cultivation of notions that contribute to the evolution of our world and his/her personality (Bennett par. 4). Therefore, I believe that the society rests on responsible people who realize the fact that every action has a certain impact on the way they and community move. For this reason, their every step is well-thought-out and deliberated.

Spheres of responsibility

Besides, one should realize the fact that there is a certain sphere or responsibilities topical for every person. It is a mistake to assume that an individual should impact everything in the world and alter it in the way he/she wants. However, there is still the environment that depends on a persons decisions, actions, and achievements. I am sure that everyone determines this very environment by his/her own. Some people consider themselves responsible for their families and relatives when other are more focused on giving attention to their career and professional growth. It is the question of priorities and goals that are significant to a person.

Spheres I am responsible for

Speaking about my own choice, I feel responsible for several areas that impact my life and future greatly. First, I try to care about my family and its well-being. A family is one of the most important institutions in the life of any person. It supports us in the most difficult situations we face and always could shelter us from hardships and other problems. That is why I devote great attention to it. Second, it is obviously me who is responsible for my studying and education. I realize the fact that all my actions might contribute to the acquisition of a certain competitive advantage that might help me in becoming successful and building a career. That is why I try to do my best in the given sphere. Therefore, I also think that my understanding of the sense of responsibility will alter outside my current environment. I will acquire new goals and objects I should care of, and it will mean that my personal and professional growth continues.


Altogether, I am sure that responsibility is one of the most important feelings that conditions an individuals progress and evolution. Only if a person feels responsible or certain actions and phenomena, he/she will be able to reach the main goals and guarantee his/her becoming a successful person that contributes to the evolution of the coherent society.

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