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Personal Worldview, Spirituality and Afterlife


A personal worldview is an essential thing for any confident person to develop because it identifies his or her attitude towards one’s life and understanding of our environment. All people have different values and goals in their lives, which makes all individuals different and unique. Therefore, the following paper is to address my personal worldview, which I stick to in various life situations.

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In my opinion, spirituality does not always refer to religion. Instead, this term describes multiple values, behavior, and culture of a particular person (Sheldrake, 2013). Moreover, spirituality can also be interpreted as the traditions and moral standards of a person. Nevertheless, this term is usually used in religion because believers are considered to be spiritual if they follow the rules of their religion’s doctrine, which is also motivated by their faith.

Pluralism, Scientism, Postmodernism

There are a plethora of discussions about the concepts of pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism because many scholars argue with religious people about such philosophical questions as the world’s creation, humanity’s origination, and other topics that do not have any credible corroboration. However, scientism is a method used by scholars to describe such phenomena as the formation of the Grand Canyon and many others in a scientific and logical explanation that does not contradict any laws of physics.

Pluralism is a philosophical statement, which says that everything in our world is plural and that all materials that exist on Earth have at least two identical forms. In turn, postmodernism describes a person’s approach to the surrounding world and people. This term also determines various cultural traditions and practices that the society might obtain from a particular minority.

Prime Realty

It is a well-known theory that there are many realities in our world and the Universe in general. Moreover, some people with various mental deficiencies are known to imbibe the surrounding world not as the majority of people see it. Such cases are usually identified as secondary realities that some people might experience. Nevertheless, the prime reality is a dimension that a human being is not able to feel, see, or touch due to particular restrictions of our bodies. Moreover, the prime reality is usually referred to as God and the material cosmos.

Nature of the World around Me

My understanding of the nature of the world around me is a psychological factor that gives me the ability to interpret different life situations or phenomena in accordance with my previous experiences and gained knowledge. My recognition of the world says that every day is a new challenge and that there are many things that I might have a chance to discover. However, I try to accomplish and be successful in all my beginnings.

A Human Being

The definition of a human being is a constantly discussed topic by notable scholars, philosophers, and religious people, which means that there is no accurate explanation of this term. In my opinion, a human being is a biological creation that has consciousness, soul, emotions, and wisdom, which lets one make proper decisions and act efficiently. A human being cannot be considered an animal under any circumstances because we do not follow our instincts in some life situations that require it. Instead, we follow the moral rules of culture and politeness in order to remain a part of today’s society.

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I believe that all people have eternal life after death, which can be spent in heaven in the presence of God or in the tortures of the damned in hell. Nevertheless, I am always open to new theories about our souls’ destinies afterlife. All religions in the world stick to the aforementioned theory in different interpretations (Davis, 2015). I also believe that all people are responsible for all their actions on Earth during their lives. Moreover, I like this theory because our lives are too short and there is a possibility to have eternal life in a perfect place.

Why is it Possible to Know Something?

People can obtain knowledge and understanding of different practices due to their education and life experience. This knowledge can provide a person with a good career and social status. Nevertheless, no one can answer the question if the Earth’s population knows and acts like it is supposed to. I think that all people are likely to have controversies, which says that there is no perfection in our lives. However, it is possible to know something because our brains have certain memories that we can recall at any moment.

How do People Know What is Right or Wrong?

There is no accurate definition of what is wrong and what is right. As it was mentioned above, people always argue, fight, and cause wars in order to prove their opinions. However, everyone has his or her opinion and explanation of every phenomenon in the world, which makes it even more complicated to identify the right statement.

Human History

Human history is the path that humanity is standing on since the formation of conscious society and life standards (Gamble, 2013). People were discovering, inventing, creating, and developing different things during their existence period, which made today’s form of civilization possible. Human history is not over yet and will be continued until the last person on Earth dies.


All people have their personal philosophies and rules that they stick to during their lives. All the aforementioned discussions will be present among different societies forever because there are no accurate explanations of the terms above. My personal worldview is intended to give me inspiration for new beginnings and enjoy my life as it is, regardless of other people’s approaches and achievements.


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Gamble, C. (2013). Settling the earth: The archaeology of deep human history. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

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Sheldrake, P. (2013). Spirituality: A brief history. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

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