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Political Science: China at the Crossroads

Different nations uphold various socio-political organizations that significantly influence the decision-making procedure. China is a socialist country focusing on the communist ideal seeking to enhance the involvement of all stakeholders in the growth and development despite the proficient powers by the prominent leaders. The cartoon is a depiction of China’s contribution to the global economy and its influence (Dolighan, 2020). The first COVID-19 case was in China and the infection profoundly spread across other regions. China is a major player in the local and international financial system due to the high population, thus, its disguise as a panda to other personnel from the dynamic geographic locations.

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The cartoon enshrines two characters, a dinosaur in disguise costume of a panda wearing a mask and a comfortably seated squirrel. The squirrel is surprised due to the sudden change of the panda’s personality by wearing the visor as an impression of friendliness (Dolighan, 2020). The creative construct renders a proficient message regarding the impact of China’s activities on the global population. On the one hand, the cartoon portrays the dynamism of China’s socialist ideology under political practice. The country’s leadership aims at establishing a profound belt that reflects the development phase and allegiances with other nations (Csaba, 2020). States with bigger economies focus on attaining power based on the proficient interrelations with other entities. A panda is a predator while a squirrel is a prey. However, China’s affluence in different regions fosters the significant influential value of a dinosaur whose strategies affect the operations globally. The clowning as a panda indicates the hypocritical impression to avoid negative publicity.

Negative publicity fosters the poor relations among countries, hence, the prominent factor by China to establish phenomenal approaches. In the cartoon, the Chinese entity stretches the hand to the squirrel while wearing a mask (Dolighan, 2020). One of the safety protocols from COVID-19 infection is maintaining social distance and avoiding direct contact. However, the panda violates the regulation to show a positive impression among the affiliate nations. In this case, creativity is an excellent framework and illustration of the level of interdependent relationships across the countries.

The cartoon optimally utilizes dynamic symbolism aspects to enhance the integration of the distinct message. One of the symbolic features utilized is the figure of a panda that is associated with gentleness, while dinosaur reflects aggression. In this case, the artist focuses on the essence of China’s disguise for a public impression despite hidden tenacious intentions. Another symbolic feature is the strategic use of a squirrel that is characterized as a curious animal that easily evades predators (Dolighan, 2020). The integration of the symbolism acts contributes to the derivation of a profound meaning regarding the creative construct. Although China seeks to establish significant mutual interrelations internationally, it is important to determine the influence of socialism on the economic growth and development.

The third symbol enshrines the utilization of the word “chummy” in the commentary by the squirrel to the panda. It is an indication of the dynamic interaction entity among the participants. The interplay of the literal context and the intended message fosters the critique regarding the contribution of socio-political and economic ideals to the evolution of the human society. Understanding the conceptual framework in the study of political science fosters the significant comprehension of different international relations and the influence of dynamic ideologies, such as capitalism, socialism, and communism (Csaba, 2020). The primary goal across states and the leaders encompasses the attainment of power within the human practices.


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Dolighan, T. (2020). Editorial Cartoon. Retrieved from Toronto Sun. Web.

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