Portable Oil Wells: Author`s Trip to Fallujah

As I walk down the street of Fallujah I look at the faces of people I see death lurking in their eyes, I see hopelessness in the eyes of people I see people trying to flee all of them displaying a vacant image. They don’t know whether they will live till tomorrow or not. As I pass through a market which may have been bustling a few years back. Today the whole town has been enveloped in a shroud; the people to me seem more like zombies than living breathing people. At the most they appear as if they are waiting for their turn and cannot wait to meet their Lord.

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I think the first taste of oil can be deadly; it makes anyone one an oil sucking vampire, and America has not be any less susceptible then anyone else, the smell of oil like the smell of blood made us return, and as we came back we just couldn’t stop could we because as vampires go they are never satiated. All the liberating forces reached Iraq because they just couldn’t help themselves, we just couldn’t resist. And our landing and subsequent stay in Iraq has given us another bumper prize, the Iraqis, whether, Sunni, Shias or Kurds don’t have blood running in their bodies they have oil!!!

This discovery is huge can you imagine humans having oil running through their bodies instead of blood; imagine donating oil, now any Iraqi can make some money by just donating a gallon of their oil. The luck we Americans have is unbelievable we went looking for oil wells but we have discovered constant sources of oils all you need is to kill an Iraqi and you will have a days supply of oil.

We are too civilized to kill anyone, we don’t believe in taking anyone’s life, no we believe that life is precious and we should sustain it, but our president has declared that only those with blood running through their veins should be considered humans people with oil in their veins may look like humans but they are not, and my visit to Fallujah proved his point, they are walking talking zombies!!! Just a look at these people can make any full-blooded American realize that they cannot be humans; rather they are more like the dead—walking corpses.

In Fallujah I encountered another new invention—the human oil drains, these drains seemed fabulous, each person everyday had to visit these drain centers twice a day so that a part of their blood could be drained and saved in barrels, and what amazed me the most was that there was no need to refine the crude oil as the oil wells, the Iraqis had this inner capacity to refine it too! I Mr. President would surely be the happiest man in the world; never in his wildest dreams would he have realized that instead of weapons of mass destructions he would find the perfect way of having an endless supply of oil.

As I followed the activities of a resident of Fallujah, I saw him wake up bright and early as he had a hearty breakfast and seemed quite happy until his beeper went off then he suddenly started looking scared, I asked him what was wrong, he told me that today he had to make up a loss of two gallons of oil as he was unable to give enough quantity the day before, as I went with him to the Drain Center, it was like a self service kind, he went to a stool sat on it and put his arm on a contraption suddenly I saw orange colored gasoline passing through the tube. He pointed to it and said that depending on the religious sect of a person the refined varieties of oils that came out were different so the Americans had conveniently labeled them by giving them different colored dyes to drink.

Shias usually gave out furnace oil, while Sunnis had vast reservoirs of gasoline, while Kurds were famous for diesel. I was most fascinated but when I tried to hook myself to the contraption I got an electric shock and didn’t come to my senses for over ran hour. What was amazing was that as the oil started seeping out from his body this Iraqi man started loosing the color of life from his face, like a wilting flower he started to crumple up. As soon as he had another hearty meal he looked normal again but then he had to be ready for more draining.

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He told me that people had stopped working, they didn’t need to they could make enough money by draining oil each day, but this draining process had cut their lives short. They did not survive more than a year from the time of drainage. So the more closer they came to dying the more ghostly their faces became. This was the reason he said many people were fleeing, but he believed that because they had oil running through their bodies they couldn’t survive long so in his opinion it was better to live and eat well, and die when the time came, even though it was sooner.

My trip which I believed would allow me to see war and mayhem at close quarters in fact turned out to be a captivating tour of this new oil enterprise which showed how diversified our capabilities had become, but I wondered as the Iraqi population gradually dies, the resources would be exhausted what would we then do next, look at their neighbors to see if they also had oil running in their veins?

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