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Priority-Nursing Diagnoses in Miami

The initial risk that has to be addressed by nurses is the lack of educational information aimed at the reduction of the occurrence of substance abuse. Despite the fact that the cases of alcohol intake have been regarded as infrequent, it should be noted that the lack of education in the area would significantly reduce the chances of the aggregate responding to a disaster adequately. The first priority-nursing diagnosis, therefore, is a knowledge deficit that nurses would have to address with the help of educational sessions intended to help the aggregate gain more insight into how to respond to the consequences of alcohol abuse or prevent it properly. This idea can also be met in the article written by Karaca and Aslan (2018), who define the need to educate the local population as one of the crucial capabilities that could reduce the time of reaction to an identified risk or an unexpected incident. It shall be noted that the aggregate should take live participation in the educational program in order to gain the most insight and diminish the adverse influence of external factors on their health. Reifels et al. (2019) suggest that alcohol abuse could be a decisive factor in nursing-related disaster management.

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Throughout the briefings, it should be explained that substances are not an effective solution to the problems caused by disasters. They provide temporary relief, but in the long term, they are likely to exacerbate the symptoms the aggregate is experiencing due to the effects of the alcohol as well as the neglect that was ignoring the problems caused. This knowledge should be conveyed and more effective solutions, such as getting enough sleep and relying on family support. In cases where the person cannot provide themselves with the support they need, such as healthy food in adequate quantities, assistance should be provided. People who have developed substance dependencies need to have access to aid from healthcare professionals, both medical and in the form of counseling. These measures should help reduce the occurrence of drinking and other substance abuse.

One more priority-nursing diagnosis is a disturbed sleep pattern that could avert the aggregate from having enough rest and actually having the physiological resources to respond to external or internal threats. This issue is also linked to the concept of alcohol abuse because patients that engage in consuming illicit substances – even if occasionally – could be exposed to the risk of intoxication or corporal injuries. As stated by Wang et al. (2019), a disturbed sleep pattern is a serious threat because it defines the reaction time of a person and their ability to interact with the environment in real time. The inability to get enough sleep could be a crucial limitation when exposed to an adverse event. The aggregate might not have enough strength to perform actions intended to protect them from external threats, exposing them to the dangers of unprecedented events. Despite the fact that the aggregate tends to exercise, their biological rhythm has to be addressed to prevent a scenario where they would not be able to respond to a disaster (Ogata et al., 2020). The main reason is that the aggregate would lack an understanding of what is going on around them or the mere incapability to wake up after all the mental and physical activities.

To address disturbed sleep patterns, it is necessary to assess and manage the factors that may be leading people to change their habits. It can be assumed that most of the aggregate had normal sleep patterns before the disaster, and therefore, the disruption is likely to subside as the aggregate returns to normal if the causes are addressed. Ackley et al. (2019) recommend that healthcare workers reduce disruptions and promote sleep hygiene practices while also assessing pain medication use and tension as well as distress levels. Painkillers can be replaced with variations that encourage sleep, pressure can be reduced through relaxation techniques, and distress can be addressed through therapeutic communication. All of these strategies are applicable to individuals as well as the broader aggregate, helping return the population’s sleep schedules to normal and reduce the issues that result.


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