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Process Centered Concept in Healthcare Organizations


In any organization, there must be a laid down approach to integrate and bring together people, information and technology for the organization to satisfy its roles and maximize its output. Healthcare organizations have played a very positive role in the lives of many people in the world. The managers must adopt an appropriate method of collectively bringing together the staff and ensuring good service to the patients. This paper discusses a patient-centered approach to organizational design as applied in AAR Healthcare Organization; a leading worldwide healthcare service provider. The rapid changes taking place in the medical field have led to new concepts of management in a number of healthcare organizations. The tremendous growth in the number of patients in these institutions calls for a need to restructure the organizational design process. This is aimed at adding more value to the patient’s care. This means that all the operations in the healthcare organization must be centered on the patient.

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In AAR, quality and efficient processes in management are integrated through this process. It includes a thorough definition of what must be done and how it is to be done. After defining what is to be done, it fully documented analyzed and different activities carried so as to improve it. All these processes or steps are aimed at providing the best services to the patients. Changes are done on both people in the clinic and the processes or activities offered to the patients.

Vissers J. (1998) claims that process centered concept evolved due to the rapid redesigns in the organizational structures. This process focuses on the services provided to the customers and the varied activities that lead to the efficient provision of healthcare services. This redesign involves a three-layered process of managing clinics. This doesn’t mean the clinics alone but also managing the patients, nurses and doctors to realize uniformity in offering services to the patients. Major activities in this concept include the referring process where there are a number of healthcare directives to patients to clinics offering the services they need efficiently. This can be done by a consultant or just a medical officer. Next is the registration process where the AAR clinic professional collects relevant information in regards to the patient’s nature of sickness. This paves way for the patient to succeed in booking an appointment with a qualified professional who can deal with the case.

Then we have the clinical process which is the final stage. Here, the relevant diagnostics are carried out, testing is done and any other treatment is done as diagnosed by the qualified AAR professional. Since this process is aimed at minimizing cost in the hospital, a Clinic Management System has been designed to help the AAR medics carry out their duties faster and in a cheaper and efficient way. This comes as a move to deploy technology in aiding communication, service provision and integrating different parties involved in the hospital activities. This includes the top management middle managers and those at the bottom of the hierarchy.


Due to the competition in the medical sector, the process-centered approach has positively impacted AAR clinics. Value has been added to their health services and cost has been reduced in the management of the general hospital activities. This leads to efficiency and provision of services that have a direct impact on the patients.


Vissers, J. (1998). Health Care Management Modeling: A Process Perspective. Health Care Management Science 1(3), 77-85.

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