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Professionalism Among the Gold Coats

The following article written by Pam Belluck describes the dementia problem solving at the California Men’s Colony. A group of convicted in murder prisoners help care for old diseased prisoners. In this paper we are going to answer the questions in regard to the Gold Coats and their functions definition. The decision of the Gold Coats introduction was taken as a result of an insufficient financing of the Colony.

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As defined by Kultgen “the authority of the professional is based on technical competence, rather than status, wisdom, or moral character… he or she is an authority in a special field of knowledge and skill not in other matters” (73). Being a professional means fulfilling responsibilities, thinking effectively, and be confident in your decisions. First of all, professionalism in respect of Gold Coats is expressed in their good knowledge concerning dementia disease.

They should be aware of the symptoms of the disease progression in order to detect them in prisoners. As Kultgen states, “the professional is motivated (and equipped) to follow the technical and moral norms of his profession by the unique relations maintained with its major institutions” (85). The Gold Coats are well trained which allows them to stand everyday face-to-face contacts with the human’s liquids. It is obvious that not many people can manage such troubles without complaining. Social competence concept includes behavioral skills that allow the one to have a good reputation. Social professional is the person who has a great influence on people around him because of his effective social competence and ability to adapt.

One can say that the competence is a potential willingness to solve problems effectively. It is also the possessing of extensive and operational knowledge. One can note that the Gold Coats use their skills in order to solve problems with specific conditions successfully. The Gold Coats are very patient with the diseased convicts and this quality looks very unusual when we speak about this kind of people. The possibility to aid others helps these wretched people fell necessary and become protectors rather than predators.

Partially due to the few successful examples of discharging from the Colony, the diligence factor amongst the Gold Coats develops significantly. On the other hand, it occurs because prisoners do not have other choice. Perhaps when one is allowed to show his human nature, he will do it. The Gold Coats get the chance to change because they can see that the diseased prisoners are just weak old people who cannot do for themselves. It becomes not only work responsibility but friendship for every side.

It is possible that Benjamin Rush would approve this decision of the dementia problem. During his life he had provided medical assistance to the poor people and was a compassionate person. He could not ignore the human sorrow. Being a progressive scientist, he also would also be interested in this experiment for investigating if the prisoners are able to be sympathetic and responsive. For such a rational and active person it is possible to agree with effective use of other prisoners to benefit the society.

The Gold Coats social group can be relate to the Heteronomous ethics representatives (Kuokkanen 31). The prisoners’ behavior can change depending on life circumstances and external factors which influence the human behavior significantly. When a person lives in a brutal environment, there is a big chance for them to be brutal as well, because during their lifetime they are subjected to certain rules and authorities. But when they realize that the people around them are weak, helpless, and do not look like those whom they have seen before, the one may rethink many aspects of life and change. The man is a social being who is constantly changing and adapting to existing conditions.

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To draw the conclusion one can say that the Gold Coats is the suitable solution to the problem of old prisoners. It also gives hope to prisoners who want to be released from jail.

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