Professor-Student Communication Using Technology


To begin with, it should be said that innovative technologies have become an essential part of modern life. Innovations have entered all the spheres of human life (education is not an exception) and have made it easier. No one dares to say that innovative technologies have created conditions which make human life more complicated. Still, there are cases when innovations harm people. Nevertheless, this is not a problem for discussion in this paper. The essay is directed at dwelling upon the problem of communication between professors and students and the role of innovative technologies in making this communication easier.

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Studying at universities, many students face the problem of information search. The whole system of education in many countries is based on innovative technologies. Blackboard is special software which helps students and professors communicate. Being an application it gives professors an opportunity to provide pre-formatted templates for students to have an authorized access to the information. Studying at colleges, students are offered personal logins and passwords which help them enter the website and have an access to the information they need for studying at a particular course and learning at specific classes (About Bb, 2013).

This software makes communication between a teacher and students easier as students are already aware of teacher’s requirements and at the lessons teacher should not spend time on explaining extra information. It has been proven that even though face to face communication is better for many students, online communicating is considered as the most convenient one due to the possibility to contact a teacher without leaving home (Parsloe, Benton, Davis, and Strang-Wolf, 2010).


Registration at the university online databases is easy as in most cases students are offered a login and a password in their educational establishment. Otherwise, they are to register personally having presented the information which is familiar only for them. It is very important to register to the university database on time as at the very first stages of studying the information presented there may be very useful.

Registration may take place at any region. Students are not to be at the campus as the Internet makes it easier. Each step is usually perfectly structured and students just need to read attentively what is asked to do and to follow the procedure in accordance with the instruction. Online procedure of registration usually consists of two steps. The first step is personal introduction and the choice of login and password. The second stage is the process of personalization when the system defines whether this person can have an account in a particular system. Finally, after these two steps are completed, a student receives a message with the confirmation of an access and he/she can enter a website.


As it has already been mentioned innovative technologies make the access to the information easier and faster. Students do not necessarily go to college or to university to have a look at the template they need to use. Moreover, having faced a problem, students have always turn either to students of the same course or to a teacher through the direct system. Innovations help students get information they need faster and it improves the quality of their knowledge. It should be stated that information systems in different university may vary depending on the peculiarities of the inner policies, however, in most cases the purpose of the information systems and their functioning is the same.

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