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Influence of Technology on Students’ Communication and Learning


Modern technologies embedded in the educational process have become valuable tools and helped increase students’ interest and productivity. An opportunity to engage in digital content has broadened the prospects for communication and advanced learning. Moreover, unlimited access to various materials has a positive effect not only on collective but also on individual educational outcomes. Collecting, generating, and manipulating large amounts of data increase the educational potential and allow personal talents and skills to be realized. Overall, technology has had a significant impact on communication among students, the methods of obtaining the information they need, and learning modes.

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Communication Advantages

As the essential advantages of using technology in the educational process, one can note the expanded communication capabilities and transformation of the interaction of students with peers and professors. For instance, Cetinkaya (2017) gives an example of utilizing WhatsApp as a popular messenger that has made it possible to simplify and speed up communication among participants in the educational process. Moreover, such mobile applications are convenient tools for sharing knowledge, which is also an important aspect. Students can quickly obtain instructions from tutors, find out the necessary information from peers, and be in touch constantly. Emails, as a convenient means of interaction, do not restrict communication in the learning environment. In addition to tutors and peers, students have a chance to interact with administrators, policymakers, and other stakeholders who can help get answers to the necessary questions. All these perspectives show how much modern technology has simplified communication in the field of education.

Methods of Obtaining Educational Materials

Another valuable implication of the involvement of digital technologies in the educational process is the expansion of opportunities for obtaining the necessary information. According to Verma et al. (2018), in an era of globalization, engaging a wide range of resources is a necessity to succeed in a dynamic learning environment. The authors describe the value implications of digital resources for school teachers and argue that the use of advanced interaction and data retrieval tools increases employees’ professionalism through effective knowledge-sharing methods (Verma et al., 2018). For instance, establishing professional contacts with foreign colleagues is a practice to supplement the current principles of working with the target audience and studying the experience of other countries. Students can also benefit from numerous resources for finding and processing educational materials, for example, to learn the basics of research activities.

Distinctive Learning Modes

Finally, the combination of different learning modes through the introduction of advanced technologies is another valuable implication of bringing digital content into the educational process. Arrosagaray et al. (2019) describe Spanish students’ experience and argue that utilizing distinctive learning resources has a positive effect on the language skills of the target audience due to access to a variety of materials. Combined, blended, and other teaching methods can be implemented through the use of information technology since different forms of assignments can be found and adapted to a specific learning environment. As a result, various modes employed due to digital technologies have positive impacts on students’ academic performance and tutors’ professionalism.


The analysis of the involvement of modern technologies in the educational process proves that digital resources make a valuable contribution and help improve communication, expand access to educational materials, and combine learning and teaching methods. Despite the value of face-to-face interactions, in modern conditions, the use of the capabilities of the digital environment is an essential condition and prerequisite for ongoing learning. The aforementioned examples prove the relevance of combining different approaches and practices and confirm various participants’ interest in modern technologies in the educational environment.


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Cetinkaya, L. (2017). The impact of WhatsApp use on success in education process. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 18(7), 58-73. Web.

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Verma, C., Stoffová, V., & Illés, Z. (2018). Analysis of situation of integrating information and communication technology in Indian higher education. International Journal of Information and Communication Technologies in Education, 7(1), 24-29. Web.

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