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Sociology of Food and Eating

­­­­­My schedule

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day one Four slices of bread, glass of milk and one juice box One can of cream-style corn Chocolate chips, onion and tomato, two boxes of macaroni and cheese
Day Two Four slices of bread, a glass of milk and one juice box. One can of beans in tomato sauce Can of soup, chocolate chips, onion and tomato
Day Three Four slices of bread, glass of milk, and one juice box One can of cream-style corn, one large package of instant oatmeal Can of soup, chocolate chips, onion and tomato

The five dollars were spent on chocolate bars.

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The experience and challenge

The challenge presented a menu that was repetitive and lacked variety. Since I had no other option, I had to consume the available food. I came to understand that poor people have a repetitive menu because of the affordability of the menu. My understanding of poverty became broader. The challenge, strengthened my understanding of the relationships between the poor and rich people in society. The challenge helped me move over my past illusions concerning poverty and helped me understand the cause of poverty. There are several strategies that can help end poverty, and such challenges help increase the understanding.

I came to understand that poverty is a complex issue. I had a chance to return to my normal life after the food challenge. I got some understanding about hunger within the three days. People who are poor do not move back to their normal lives because poverty is their normal life. The challenge, enhanced and deepened my understanding of the relationship between those who have poverty experience and those that do not (Thomas, 2000). The challenge helped spark a dialog that was very genuine in me on poverty in the community.

Organic CFIA definition

CFIA is a body that advises the Canadians on all food products where their consumption can adversely affect the health of Canadians. Organic products refer to agricultural products certified as organic by a certain professional body. In Canada, the merchandise can be certified as organic if its making obeys the methods outlined by the Canadian Organic Standards. Most people care about their health and believe that anything written as organic is good for their health.

Consumers will most likely buy a product if they see an organic label on it. It is surprising that most of the consumers would not take much care of the effects of the product because of their belief in anything organic. To protect these consumers from unscrupulous business people, the CFIA must be very categorical when it comes to labeling. Canadians use the food label as a crucial tool in making informed choices about the products they feel are good for their health. The Canada Organic Regime has a part to undertake in shielding all the consumers against unreliable labeling practices by unscrupulous businessmen.

The Canada Organic Regime also facilitates the access of organic products from Canada to foreign markets that will require regulatory oversight. The Canada Organic Regime also supports the development of the Canadian domestic market (Espejo, 2012). Labeling must be properly done because it is a core component that consumers use on their choices. It is important that in the Canadian market, all the products, making an organic claim have to be certified by a recognized accrediting certification body.


Espejo, R. (2012). Poverty. Detroit: Greenhaven Press.

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Thomas, C. (2000). Global governance, development and human security the challenge of poverty and inequality. London: Pluto Press.

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