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  1. Healthy Food: the Impact of the Vegetarian Diet
    In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards vegetarianism in societal dietary choices. In the modern world, vegetarians can uphold the nutritional needs of the body.
  2. Small Business Planning and Strategy: Stable Diet
    Stable Diet is a small business enterprise based in Ireland. Essentially a baking business with products like cakes, breakfast cereals and flapjacks.
  3. Track Your Diet
    My plan aims at showing the daily food group targets. That is, how much and what to eat within my calorie allowance.
  4. Alaska Natives Diet
    The Alaska Natives have retained their culture up-to-date in spite of their interactions with the wider American society.
  5. Women’s Health Teaching Proposal: on Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Diet and Activity
    It is a well-known fact that upon entering the middle-age stage of their life, women notice significant changes in their health.
  6. The Relationship between Low Calorie Diet Intake and Longevity
    The reason for the choice of these study animals was because of their shorter life spans contrary to humans who have longer lifespan.
  7. The Effect of Vegetarian Diet on Children
    The research question was whether children raised on vegetarian diets have different growth patterns than other children.
  8. Dwayne Johnson’s Diet and Its Credibility
    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a famous actor. The paper aims to analyze Johnson’s Twitter post on his diet and evaluate the scientific reliability of his advice.
  9. Fad Diets’ Impact on Human Health: Problem Solution
    The issue of fad diets is rather broad as it encompasses every cluster of population. This paper discusses “Fab Diet,” an application that busts the myths surrounding fad diets.
  10. Vegetarian Diet and Animal Testing Theory
    The ethical preference of a vegetarian diet may be proved with the theory if one considers the consequences of every person choosing to be vegetarian.
  11. Diet Educational Intervention for African Americans
    Obesity among African American middle-aged and older adults is an important problem that is not sufficiently addressed in research.
  12. Diet and Exercises in Muscle Mass and Weight Loss
    The purpose and research questions were related to the research problem of loss of muscle mass in attempts to lose weight.
  13. The Effectiveness of Diet and Exercise Therapy
    This work compares the effectiveness of diet and exercise therapy with laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in treating morbidly obese patients with a BMI over 40.
  14. Fad Diets Research and Lessons Learnt
    The main research strategies developed during the preparation of the study on fad diets are the importance of collecting data and the necessity to check sources’ credibility.
  15. Fad Diet, Their Threats and Public Education Plan
    Fad diets are a loosely defined category that includes popular diets that are not recognized by official healthcare institutions.
  16. Fad Diets and Their Long Term Effects on Health
    Healthy Weight Management is not just an alternative to fad diets; it is the entryway to a healthy lifestyle and provides numerous benefits.
  17. “Are Fad Diets Worth Their Weight?” by Timothy Crowe
    Crowe argues that the real way to success in the area of weight control is the development of a realistic strategy focused on health promotion and the elimination of harmful eating habits.
  18. Fad Diets and Their Dangers for Mental Health
    Because the epidemic of obesity in the USA has not been eliminated, the debates about developing healthy and effective diets still occur.
  19. Fad Diets and Their Long Term Effects on the Health
    Fad diets comprise of a single regimen or product; this implies that there is no variation and the user relies on limited source of energy.
  20. Obesity Treatment: Surgery vs. Diet and Exercises
    In patients suffering from obesity how efficient is surgical treatment compared with dietary alterations combined with physical exercises exercises?

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  1. Diet Management in Obese Adolescents
    Despite the measures taken to improve the quality of nutrition, obesity remains one of the primary areas of concern not only in the U.S. but also on the global scale.
  2. Diet and Lifestyle vs Surgery in Obesity Treatment
    The research would assess the effectiveness of dietary interventions and lifestyle changes in comparison with the bariatric surgery to determine the methods’ advantages.
  3. Obesity, Diet Modification and Physical Exercises
    Changes in diet and activity are possible interventions to deal with overweight and obesity. This research discovers the effect these interventions will have on a person.
  4. Diet Management in Adolescents and Ethical Issues
    Because the research on diet management in adolescents will involve real people as study participants, several ethical issues need to be addressed.
  5. Weight Loss, Calories, Diet and Physical Exercising
    Weight gain does not only affect the person’s appearance, but it also causes severe changes in the way the body functions.
  6. Fad Diets and Their Impact on Human Health
    A diet can be considered as a set of food groups that a person eats on a regular basis based on the access to different types of food and their budgetary limitations.
  7. Non-Vegetarian Diet and Its Health Effects
    Health is more than just physical wellness. The choice to be vegetarian is necessitated by the need to leave this world better for the next generations.
  8. Changes in Diet and Lifestyle for Students
    The research seeks to establish the underlying relationship between the changes in student’s diet and the decision making and the influences that underpin this.
  9. School Meals and a Modified School Diet
    Current research is an exploratory-descriptive study aimed to reveal the attitudes of people (students, their parents, and teachers) to the reduction of sugar and fats in the school menu.
  10. Proposal for Fad Diets
    The given project is aimed at the reconsideration of the nature of fad diets and improvement of the comprehending of the given issue`s major concerns.
  11. Diet and Nutrition Trends
    An overview of the reports revealed interesting findings on the nutrition food intake trends and nutrition provisions.
  12. GMOs and the American Diet
    This paper identifies both empirical and anecdotal associations between the presence of GMOs in the daily American diet with the increase of obesity rates and its subsequent health risks.
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