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Public Relations and Technology

Article Summary

The selected article for this analysis and summary is “Public Relations and Technology: Practitioner Perspectives”. The author begins by explaining how different public relations (PR) practitioners are finding modern technologies more useful in their respective positions. The inclusion of advanced communication systems can help such professions adjust their roles accordingly and focus on the best ways to achieve their goals (Johnson 219). The work reveals that PR experts are presently utilizing emerging technologies to complete their research works successfully and maximize the level of productivity.

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Through the use of advanced technologies and devices, such practitioners have found new strategies to become audience-centered. Additionally, their managerial roles have changed significantly whereby they are able to focus on the demands of the organization and the targeted beneficiaries. Due to the power of such advancements, more PR experts have found themselves completing roles that used to be for managers. Some are identifying and performing technical roles more efficiently than ever before. When these professionals consider new ways to use technology appropriately, they “can further two-way symmetric communication models” (Johnson 233). More technicians will also become empowered and equipped with the relevant resources to complete their roles diligently and in a timely manner.

The possible outcome is that more practitioners and technicians will adjust their roles accordingly and start to take up managerial responsibilities. Such actions will take them closer to their goals and allow their respective organizations to transform the experiences of more clients or stakeholders (Johnson 233). In a nutshell, this article reveals that the employment of emerging technologies in PR could maximize research activities, improve productivity, transform the nature of symmetric communication, and meet the demands of more stakeholders.

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