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Quality Staffing for Success of Company


Production of high quality products is the aim of all companies that seek to satisfy their customers, putting in mind that the customers always pay attention to high quality products for purchase. Therefore, for any company to survive in the market, quality must be addressed sufficiently and adequately. Many factors can lead to ineffectiveness of services or substandard quality of goods in a company, which can be on the side of the staff or the management and this can create confusion and losses in the company if not addressed properly (Barry, 2000). When the supervisor is charged with the task of investigating the problem affecting the quality, he should be neutral and should always report the exact facts involved.

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One of the key issues that may be a problem is the qualification of the staff. The recruitment process in any company is the major factor that determines the staff that works in the company. When unqualified staff is recruited, substandard work is expected which will reduce quality and effectiveness of the company. Proper training of the staff is expected from the company and the staff members should keep on updating their knowledge regarding their tasks regularly (Carlaw, Carlaw, Deming & Friedmann, 2002 p.37). The staff members may also pass on a message that is not addressed for a long time through such ways as go slow or underperformance. They may be qualified but want to send grievances to the management in a way that creates an impact.

The process of production may also be substandard hence not attaining the quality required. The process may also be lacking key equipment that should assist the staff in producing quality work (Margery, 2008). Moreover, the products may be losing quality when undergoing other process such as transportation and warehousing.

The process of staffing

In order to evaluate and assess the source of the problem, one will have to consult widely with the staff and have knowledge of the assembling of tuning devices. The working conditions of the staff should also be evaluated and the general quality of the tuning devices understood. The staff should be first consulted to check any grievances that may be raised. They should be checked for low motivation, salary levels and job satisfaction and where they have no grievances their qualifications should be checked through assessing their individual work and their understanding and knowledge of the work.

When doing this, the correct procedures of assembling the tuning devices should be used as a benchmark for the staff. Every process should be evaluated and each staff put to task which will help to eliminate the unqualified employees (Phillips & McConnell, 2005, p.117). This process should be comprehensive and transparent to avoid cases of unfairness. The problem of staff training will be easy to identify when staff is at work and each process of assembly evaluated keenly.

The necessary equipments (materials and tools) required for the assembly and their functionality should be checked to eliminate doubts of equipment faults. Effectiveness of the process before and after the assembling should also be checked and its quality assessed. This will eliminate possibilities of poor quality of the assembly from this process.


The quality of products from a company should be very crucial and it should be checked carefully and effectively to avoid scenarios of returned goods. In addition, the company’s management should be actively involved in all processes and ensure the rules of recruitment are followed without bias or favor so that the prosperity of the company can be guaranteed (Margery, 2008). The management should also pay attention to the staffs needs to avoid strikes, go slows, or even quality double standards from them. The management should also be on the front line in the advancement of the employees training so that quality is consistent.

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