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Racism and Its Impact on Society


Some aspects of human behavior formulate negative ways of thinking and acting. One such point is racism manifestations, which constitute adverse treatment for some people because of their origin. Indeed, society has managed to improve the situation. However, racism manifestations still occur today. In order to fully liquidate racist thinking, one should analyze the principles of racism and undertake specific measures. Racism negatively impacts society due to its destructive nature and contributes to the division of society, although the government can liquidate it.

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The term “racism” was created by a group of people for specific purposes. It first appeared in the 1930s primarily as a response to the Nazi project of making Germany “free of Jews” (Rattansi, 2020). However, its principles have roots in the times of the Age of Discovery, when Europeans opened new territories. They had more developed technologies than the population living on those lands. Thus, one decided that Europeans had natural superiority. Moreover, as a result of racist manifestations, the movement Black Lives Matter appeared, which was followed by riots.

Further, racism can be eliminated by the government if one takes specific measures. The idea of the superiority of the German nation was implemented by the population by the authorities (Rattansi, 2020). This principle can be applied to ensure people do the opposite. Namely, that racist policy would lead to negative consequences. There were millions of deaths due to racial cleansing, and thereby, it destructively influenced society. Additionally, racial ideology means the division of people, which negatively affects social well-being and development.


To conclude, one identified that racism is not a global appearance and that it has a negative effect on society. Such movements as Black Lives Matter, although aiming at establishing equality, contribute to damage since they involve protests with the elements of destruction. Moreover, racism prevents people from effectively dealing with global challenges due to the division of society.


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