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Rail and Truck Transport in America


With more developments, growth and increasing trade, cargo transport demand has developed enormously, and this has led to a concern of world transport sector to improving and achieving reliable and effective truck and rail cargo transport. This has become an important necessity focus of the 21st century. Therefore, to realize an improved cargo transport services in America and a bigger market share in a viable competitive business environment is quite complex in several ways as cargo trucks and trains operate with rules and guidelines that almost similar to those of public transportation in order to attract diverge customers and goods (Adams 2000).

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Currently, cargo trains transport 38% of the American cargo while 54% of the flight is transported through road and the rest through airlines. Although the United State has not achieved what it desired, it is good to note that rail transport is considered to be cheap and secure means of transport for it is associated with limited accident risks compared to truck transportation. Trains are characterized by carrying heavy loads within the American states in long distance through high speed electric trains making it the most effective.

Rail transport in America is classified into three major classes that are Class I, Class II and Class III which are categorized with the revenue that is generated annually. Additionally, road transport makes around $125 billion into the American economy annually although this is a good contribution to the economy it is noted that the road transportation has been decreasing in the recent future, and this has been a result of high fuel cost and world fuel market instability. When it comes to the truck and rail transport, rail transport large quantity of the goods compared to the road and its preferred to transport durable goods which can last for a longer period without perishing. (Evans 2004).

Although truck transport is said to be a bit expensive compared to rail, it is more reliable and flexible to use where one can order and hire a truck any time of the day unlike train where it operates within specified time making it hard to business people to overcome their transportation challenges. When you compare road transportation and rail transport, one realizes that there is a limited distance that you can transport your goods using the rail transport whereas in road transport, no limit as long as the destination of your goods is accessible and has good road network.

In the hilly geographical areas, trains are restricted from touring through the route due to the nature of the railway line. This makes rail transport selective and limited to only specific areas hence affecting effective affordable transportation services in the area. Due to increase in the world, fuel prices truck transportation has been highly affected where several trucking companies around America were forced to close up because of high cost of operation. Also, other truck manufacturing industries such as Ford Industry refrained from truck manufacturing affecting the transport industry negatively (Richards 2000).

With innovation of Internet services and increase of mobile phone operators, these have highly influenced the increase in development in transport industry. Internet has enabled clients to book and pay for their services online without walking into the offices and wait for the goods to be delivered on time. Through hi-tech innovations, the United State of America has invented a high speed electric train which makes cargo transportation fast and on time. This high speed train is common in America and other parts of Britain. Moreover, security wise technology has improved security in the truck transport industry where trucks are fixed with trackers to monitor where a track is.

Through this technology, the owner or truck industry operators are capable to trace and stop their vehicles in case of hijacking or any other security threat of the personnel in the truck and goods ferried. Invoicing and data storage within the transport industry have been simplified by the use of computer and other applicable software. Furthermore, modern technologies have provided screening devices to detect and block any illegal goods, such as drugs and counterfeit products, from being transported through their companies, hence limiting the security threats that can be posed by such services. Finally, technology has generally impacted positively in all business and art sectors (Evans 2004).

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