Regular and Friendly Emails Examples

Routine E-mail

To: All members of staff!

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Subject: The New Financial year

Hello, We hope you spent some lovely days with your friends and family during the past holidays. Welcome to this new financial year. We have done everything possible to provide you with many tenders for you to bid, work on, and earn some extra dollars. However, due to holidays as well as due to the recent beginning of the New Year, the number of tenders has decreased tremendously. Needless to say, we are working hard to prepare for the new financial year. The tender page has been remodeled and redesigned and our technical department has prepared new techniques in providing you with a more efficient tendering system.

We understand that you might be upset with the current situation, being eager to work, earn, and enhance your skills but please be patient. In anticipation of the start of a new year, we would like to thank everyone for their hard work and encourage you to get ready to work as hard as possible in the coming months. Thank you all!!!

Yours truly,

Human resource Team

Goodwill E-mail

To: All members of Staff

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Subject: Happy holidays to you and your families

Dear All,

We hope you enjoyed working with us this ending year 2009. The human resource team wishes you all the very best this upcoming year 2010. Let luck, success, happiness, health, joy, wealth be with you and all the difficulties pass by. May this New Year bring new and better things in all your lives and God bless you and your families.

Thank you for your work and dedication this year. In 2010, we will keep working on getting more tenders for you to work on since we know that we can rely on you both in terms of quality and desire to cooperate. 2010 is promising to be a very good and busy year for all of us and we hope that all of you will work with the same zeal and integrity that was seen during this ending year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Analysis of the two e-mails

The first email is written to appreciate the fact that it is a new year and the workers may have less work implying less money. It however encourages them to hold on for the coming tenders. It also gives information on the company’s developments to keep the staff together and show that they indeed are stakeholders at the company. It injects a sense of hope and appreciation and is designed to keep the staff informed. This email also shows that the company is concerned about the staff in terms of the amount of work available to them and is determined to give all it can to ensure that the workers are all happy and are earning extra dollars.

The Goodwill email on the other hand is written to show the staff that they are indeed appreciated. It is used to wish everyone happy holidays and make everyone feel like part of the organization. It is very unifying and encourages a sense of belonging and good team play. This e-mail is used to show that the company values its workers both during working hours and after work.

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