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Religion as a Belief System: What Is It?


A belief system, as is generally understood, contains high values, moral ideas and thoughts which provide a moral lesson. An overview identifies different types of belief systems that have been prevailing in the modern world. One can regard “belief system is the actual set of precepts from which you live your daily life, those which govern your thoughts, words, and actions.” (Your Belief System, 2007).

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It is possible for one to identify various types of belief systems which exert their predominant influence in the formation of various cultures. One can also see their deep influence in molding one’s character. It is quite common that as one grew up, the society imposed many values and ideas upon him. General concept of the society is that if one wants to lead a peaceful life in this world, one has to believe in a particular belief system.

Most people believe that man cannot live without a belief system. Religion is the one belief system which is deep-rooted in human minds. So for majority of people religion is the backbone of their belief system. It is through one’s parents one gets the glimpses of religion. He/she gradually acquires some knowledge about the religious belief and the same takes him/her to a particular religion and its values, beliefs, customs and tradition.

It is not only through one’s parents that one acquires knowledge about the morals, values and ideas of a religious belief system but also through education and the social set up in which one lives. One of the main features of the modern communities is that they allow religious freedom to its people and let them either follow a particular religion or remain an atheist. After acquiring knowledge from his parents, a person is free to select a religion of his/her choice that acknowledges his/her freedom.


As mentioned earlier, if one is born into a Hindu family then his/her parents teach him about Hinduism. As a kid, it is the only source through which he can acquire knowledge. Most often the parents would be telling him about Hindu gods or goddess. Hindus are polytheists and they consider every living and non living being as a part of god. So they consider eating beef as a religious sin. Hindus also believe in rebirth. Really speaking, our belief system should evolve as a result of our own thinking about our existence or the existence of every creature in this world.

When one believes in the religious belief system with full faith in god, it is possible that one can live happily. Such people can take shelter in the belief that god will serve them. They will think that after death they will reach god and they will have rebirth. When we believe in a religion we are likely follow their conventions, ideas and values. A Hindu will go to temples and a Christian will visit church on Sundays. They will go through their sacred books and will acquire knowledge.

A deeply religious man will not probably commit any crime for the fear that God’s punishment awaits him. They live in the hope that if anything bad happens in their life god will come as a savior for them. But on the other side the disadvantage is also there. Faith in a particular religion will make man possessive. He will not be able to love people of other religions. He may think of causing harm to those who have different thoughts and ideas.

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There is also a school of thought which propagates that people with firm faith in God will not do immoral things because they think that if they do any thing which God does not like, they will be punished.

Religion has a role in the belief system which guides one’s actions commonly known religious belief system. There are many viewpoints regarding belief system and one of them evaluates, “Belief System can be one of our most powerful assets or our worst enemy.” (Belief and healing, 2007).

Religion and the approach to spirituality of human beings offer a change in the way of thinking. Religious belief is centered around the existence and nature of life and the way of worship of a divine power. In spite of other belief systems religious belief system has certain qualities as they relate the values of social being at all levels. Religious belief system deals with existence of belief, the nature of the belief and the principles related to this belief. The system also offers explanations related to the belief and religion. Religious belief system focuses on varieties of systems of thoughts.

Tradition has a major role in the religious belief system. An overview reveals that religion gives out a lot of rigid rules and manners. Religion even exerts some control over men in their daily life. The rituals, customs, practice, conventions and beliefs in the religious belief system point to a very important role for tradition. One can see various rituals in every religion. These rituals are performed in a variety of ways. The customs and practices in different religions also vary.

There are a lot of conventions in the religious belief system. In other words the customs and rituals practiced by one religion differs from another. All these are the traditional elements and without these elements there will be no religion and no religious belief systems. So tradition is the corner stone of every religious belief system. In a way role of tradition in religious belief system makes the religion acceptable and valuable.

The role of tradition in religion differs from its role in religious belief system. Tradition influences religion or, in other words, religion is based on tradition. Religion often makes men understand the morals and teach them how to behave in a society. Every religion teaches men the morals, manners and beliefs. The customs, rituals, ritual practices, conventional methods and values together make a religion.

These traditional elements in a religion relate the values and practices transmitted by every spiritual leader. Religion, as a means of search of the meaning of existence often gives security and a certain identity. Traditional values in a religion provide comfort and peace. Tradition in every religion strengthens the belief and explains its truth in a way every one can understand. Thus tradition has a very remarkable way in the realm of religion in general.

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One should have a deep knowledge about others’ belief and their attitude towards religion. This knowledge helps one to behave properly without hurting their religious belief. First, one should understand others’ beliefs, ideas and opinion towards religion. One should also have knowledge about their feelings, emotions, conventions and attitude towards religion. This knowledge is essential for a person. One can find out people who possess same thoughts and beliefs as himself.

If one is aware of others’ belief and attitudes it helps him to create a warm relation with others. Such knowledge helps one to interact with others freely. If one is unaware of other person’s beliefs, one’s attitude may cause irritation to the other. To avoid such irritations and hurt feelings one should have knowledge about others’ beliefs. There exists a deep relation between belief and knowledge. The belief will be knowledge if it is sincere and true. Belief systems are unique and universal in nature.


When reaching the conclusion, one can infer that belief is complimentary and it varies from person to person. It is the right of a person to be religious, atheist or spiritualist as he has the right to live on the earth. As there are different regions and beliefs, one can choose any religion which provides morality and values necessary to keep alive justice and safety of the people of the world.


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