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The Concept of Education and Religion


Education and religion are major social institution that impacts the lives of many people. They play an integral role in shaping values and beliefs as well as comparing various religious and educational practices across the globe. Education is a formal system of teaching knowledge, skills, and values (Henslin 495). Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices that separates the profane from the sacred and brings together its adherent into a moral community (Henslin 520). For example, a church is considered a moral community that brings together people with similar beliefs and practices. Therefore, education and religions are key social institutions in society.

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Functional Analysis

In sociology, the functional analysis claims that each aspect of society is independent and contributes to society’s stability and functionality. Religion is considered universal because it attains universal human needs (Henslin 527). It resolves confusing questions about the ultimate meaning of life. These solutions provide comfort by reassuring people that life has meaning. Functionalists also describe education as an institution that also provides social benefits (Henslin 498). Education’s most visible functions are a cultural transfer of values, social integration, and unemployment reduction. Thus, the functional analysis explains the role of religion and education in society.

Impact on The Society

Religion and education promote the well-being of individuals, families, and the community. Religion provides individuals with moral values that help in shaping society. They assist people in knowing good and evil and promote decision-making for the good of society (Henslin 490). Similarly, education also helps promote values that are required in an ideal society. It helps in shaping individuals’ thinking and reasoning for the good of society. Education also aids in social integration where people from diverse backgrounds can meet and interact. Therefore, education and religion exist to bring a positive impact on people.


Distance learning and religion is a concept that describes the new form of education used by religion. Distance learning, also known as distance education, e-learning, and online education, occurs without in-person interaction between the parties involved. It is characterized by the use of the internet and digital devices as the main tools of learning (Troftgruben 33). For instance, an individual can study a theology program online and graduate. Currently, religion is using distance learning to educate their adherents and share relevant information.


Distance learning and religion are happening because of globalization and the need to influence many people. Globalization of the world has played a major role in the introduction of distance learning in religion. Different religions want to operate on an international scale and have a significant influence and followers across the globe (Troftgruben 37). Based on this, distance learning provides a platform where various religions can share information with their adherent regardless of the geographical distance.


The impact of distance learning and religion is evident in modern society. Access to religious information and teaching is now easier compared to before. However, every major religion has adherents in distant or rural areas where they cannot send fully trained graduates from their theology schools as religious leaders (Troftgruben 34). To solve this problem, theology schools have made an effort of training religious leaders using online education. Therefore, distance learning and religion have helped in sharing important information to the public, which has aided in promoting accepted values and beliefs in society.

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