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Religion: “Canoeing the Mountains” by T. Bolsinger

Once an individual is lost from the dance floor, a balcony offers more space and fresh air when compared to the closed dance room. The balcony provides an ample space that allows a person to look at the people in the room in a bigger picture. The balcony epitomizes the significance of looking at the bigger picture most times. It defines and encourages an individual to become more observative than a participant, therefore getting a clearer picture and different perspective of the scenario, thus allowing a person to take an intervention when necessary. Some people may find that observing from the balcony and listening on the floor may prove challenging. “Finding your balcony” entails a person taking a position that offers a sense of perspective. Heifetz and Linsky referred to “getting up the balcony” as an individual’s process to get a higher systemic view (Bolsinger, p.112). The process entails observation, interpretation, and appropriate interventions to solve a particular problem.

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People, such as the Christians, find their way through unexplored territories to seem challenging. In my academics, I learn new different concepts, and thus some may be challenging to me. “Finding your balcony” is a crucial intervention in my life as it allows me to find a better perspective and different view of my life. It entails looking at the current moment from a distance. When observing from the balcony, individuals must see themselves and other participants. It helps to gauge my academic against other students, thus motivating me to improve my academic work. Ordinarily, a Christian may get “lost on the dance floor,” and therefore, “finding your balcony” may be the best intervention to undertake (Bolsinger, p.114).

It helps me critically analyze my academics when I see myself heading onto the wrong track. Like medical practitioners, they must ensure that he has made the proper diagnosis before administering the drug. Thus, “finding your balcony” provides that an individual critically assesses a challenge before trying a new program or creating a new change.

The many activities in the higher learning institutions can make one get lost and perform dismally in academics. There are several practical ways to find my balcony and improve my current academic performance. The following are effective methods to incorporate: improving my organization, attending my class lessons strictly, taking care of myself, developing good study habits, and understanding my limits. Understanding my limits makes me realize that my academic work is the top priority; thus, I cannot take more than I can handle regarding campus activities. I need to ensure proper physical and mental health, crucial for my studies. Developing appropriate study habits entails using research-based study techniques, developing pre-tests, and consulting my instructors. Adherence to class attendance ensures that students understand and do not lag regarding syllabus coverage.

I am currently engaging in some of these practices to improve my academic performance. I strictly attend my classes to ensure my classwork coverage is updated. I have developed proper study habits, and I am ascertained that they will significantly enhance my academic performance. Academics has become my top priority as I do not want to get “lost on the dance floor” by engaging in unnecessary activities. I need to improve on having sessions with academic and peer counselors, as they will critically help me improve my studies and appropriately know how to handle mental stress. Apart from my studies, I am also a devoted Christian who engages in various community-based projects such as supplying meals to the poor people in society. I write fiction stories and other articles that encourage the prisoners to intensify their faith and understand that they can still become productive community members even after their release. Prisoners need to be acknowledged as essential society members who should be accepted after release.


Bolsinger, T. E. (2018). Canoeing the mountains: Christian leadership in uncharted territory. Downers Grove, Ill.: Ivp Books.

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