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Religion and Faith for a Better World

Religion and faith make a very pivotal aspect within the social setting because of the significant influence it has on the wellbeing and existence of individuals within the community. Society consists of very diverse individuals who practice different forms of culture. Religion is one of the different forms of cultural practices that the people practice. Religion greatly influences the decision and actions of different people who adhere to the rules and regulations of their religion. Religious leaders within the community are responsible for ensuring that their followers are taught to adhere to their religious norms and enhance faithfulness to their religious practices. Some of the major religious groups within our societies include Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Judaism. Faith and religion should enable individuals to make the world a better place.

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Human behaviour is greatly aligned with the teachings of their religious beliefs. Religion enhances a better living since it allows individual to acquire only good behaviours that enhance a peaceful coexistence with other individuals. Religion also aims at ensuring that we care for our environment because human beings greatly depend on the environment to survive. Religious leaders teach their followers the importance of environmental conservation (Francis, 2015). Pope Francis, the leader of the largest religious group across the world, encourages that us should care for the ecological system. In his book Laudato Si, he highlights the impacts of global environmental degradation and its effects on the existence of individuals in society. Faithful Christians who follow his teachings adhere to his teachings, proof that faithfulness enables individuals within society to think critically for effective coexistence.

Environmental conservation from individuals who practice different forms of religion has also ensured that proper teaching on environment care has also made the world a better place. Environmental theology also advocates for environmental ethics to avoid the causes of ecological degradation. All religious groups within the society relate the environment with God and encourage their followers to protect the ecosystem. Different Christian believers have faith that God still has a connection and interacts with people through the environment. Ensuring harmony between the environment and the individuals has also made the world a better place.

Christianity provides an opportunity for believers of different religious-cultural beliefs to have faith in their religious practices. Christianity enables believers of a given religious practice to have their own religious identity within the community. Christianity also allows for a great understanding of faith from different perspectives of diverse religious cultures around us. Diversity in Christianity has also enhanced spirituality awareness, promoting an appropriate coexistence and harmony.

The main role of religion within society is to ensure harmony and peaceful coexistence between individuals with diverse cultural beliefs on faith and religion. Religion enables individuals to act in the right manner by being faithful and adhering to the teachings of their religion. Religion also helps ensure that there is peace between human beings and the environment by teaching the importance of environmental conservation. Religion and faith play an important role in ensuring the world is a better place because it helps ensure that all individuals act with high ethical behaviours that will enhance a peaceful and productive coexistence amongst individuals of different cultural backgrounds in society today.


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