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Research Proposal on Justice in Health Care


Justice is a very vital component in healthcare as it is in other forms of business. There are disputes that can occur in health care that needs to be handled through the law. This is despite the presence a set code of conducts that the health care professions needs to follow. Justice in health care is currently very complicated and disputed (Morrison and Monagle, 56). This research will be set to analyze the quality of healthcare administration. The focus will be on health insurance, which has made access to health care facilities impossible for the poor in most parts of the world.

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There are various obstacles that hinder value delivery of health care. One of the obstacles is integrated in the aspect of justice within the health care system. The guiding question of this research is: is there justice in health care? The focus will be on health care insurance and the quality of health care administration.

Justice in healthcare has made most people in the world access proper medication. Health insurance premiums have been skyrocketing over the years. This has continued to leave most people who are poor unable to check with the health care facilities frequently since they are unable to pay the insurance. According to Stuart and Betar (para 3), poor people are not provided with healthcare insurance in jobs that they are doing. This makes it difficult for a health care organization to recognize them. This is unethical since the healthcare organizations as professions their interest should be the provision of health care services.

Literature review

My research will mainly deal with justice in health care administration. The research will also put moral thoughtfulness in health care into consideration with a focus on justice while administering health care. Currently, health care insurance is unbalanced by design. The insurance premiums are too high for poor people to pay thus rendering medical facilities and care inaccessible to them. There is a lack of universal insurance in most states of the world. The insurance policies are biased to benefit the rich (Rhodes, Battin and Silvers 107).

Another area of concern in the justice of health care is the moral acts of thoughtfulness. There is always a dilemma on the action taken by a practitioner while administering health. For instance, when a doctor is compelled to kill a patient that they cannot treat since his/her survival is just a disturbance to the doctors and family. Doctors can use this mandate to take the life of patients with the claim that they are doing it to save them from extensive suffering.


My research will be analyzed qualitative, administration of health care and operation of healthcare insurance firms. The research will as well provide a chronological order of how the problem of unbalanced health care provision can be solved. In order to see the minorities receive the same health care services as the rest of the people.

According to Butts and Rich (p. 70), the nurses are allowed to act as per the good of the patient. However, the patients have their own rights. Unfortunately, these rights are mostly violated in the provision of health services by the nurses and doctors. Kazmier (p. 37) noted that patients have rights of even declining treatment. In situations where the doctors have to force suicide to the patient who is showing no progress, the patient is mostly not consulted. This is usually done without his/her concerns. In my opinion, this is not good, and research to be done will handle such issues. The research shall talk about ways that can be taken so that the patient’s rights are totally adhered to while administering health care.

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