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Researching Consumer Purchases


In the contemporary information-driven markets, consumer purchasing behaviors are particularly dependent on the availability and credibility of information about a product one has an intention to buy. For this essay, the product selected for analysis was running shoes. Different brands of running shoes were examined to retrieve online reviews about them for evaluation and comparison. For example, Adidas’ running shoes were characterized as highly sustainable from the perspective of manufacturing. Moreover, among their positive features, durable outsoles, fashionable design, and durability were commonly mentioned. As for the positive features of Nike’s running shoes, they were stated to be affordable, comfortable, durable, and support for feet. As for the negative characteristics, Adidas running shoes were commonly characterized as too expensive and with improper heel support during movement, while Nike’s drawbacks included limited durability. The sellers of both brands of the product emphasize only the positive features. The information obtained from individuals who have recently purchased running shoes indicated that they were comfortable, supported feet during running, and were limited in the durability of the outsole but for a reasonable price.

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Upon obtaining the information from different sources and analyzing it, one might apply a consumer buying matrix to analyze the factors that predetermine consumer purchasing behavior. Among the factors that influence buyers’ decisions when purchasing the product are price, motivation, perceived cultural importance, and religious orientation (Auf et al., 2018). While religious orientation was not of particular importance during the decision-making, price and perceived cultural importance were significant determinants for choosing running shoes. Brand reputation, affordability, and quality were decisive for consumers; motivation to pursue comfort while not spending too much was also identified. The level of uncertainty when choosing the product was low, while the level of involvement was low. When applying this analysis result to the matrix, one might determine repeat-passive consumer behavior since the buyers were not particularly concerned with sustainability but chose affordable and comfortable shoes (See Figure 1).

Figure 1. Consumer Buying Matrix. Source: Pathak & Rani (2019).

High uncertainty No Purchase Relational-Dependent
Low uncertainty Repeat-Passive Rational-Active
Low involvement High involvement

Identifying and Solving Consumer Problems

Since the significant driver of favorable customer relations and overall marketing changes in the majority of businesses is customer satisfaction, the work with complaints is given due attention. The most common sources of consumer complaints relate to the quality of the purchased products, billing problems with credit cards, internet and telephone services associated with a company that sold a product, and others. In the majority of cases, consumers have several options of filing a complaint in order to resolve an issue. As stated in an article published by the Federal Trade Commission, there are several steps that one might take to resolve a complaint. The most common ones include returning to a store or website, writing a letter or calling, obtaining help from the attorney general or contacting a specialized consumer organization, posting online reviews, and initiating formal dispute resolution (“Solving customer problems: Returns, refunds, and other resolutions,” 2021). When pursuing either of these options, one should act immediately after the complaint to ensure a favorable resolution.

An interviewee was contacted to discuss a case of complaint identification and solving. The problem at hand concerned the drawbacks in the functioning of a newly purchased smartphone. The glitches were noticed the next day after the purchase and were related to the work of a front camera. The interviewee immediately called the store where the phone was purchased and reported the issue. They were asked to bring the phone to the store for examination. Upon examination, the issue was confirmed, and a refund was made in a due manner. Thus, the identified consumer problem was resolved in a satisfactory way.

Online Car Buying

Based on Mackenzie’s experience, what benefits and drawbacks are associated with online car buying?

The choice of a car in the exemplified case was based entirely on an online experience, which has both advantages and drawbacks. On the one hand, the advantages of online car buying are associated with the freedom of access to information about various cars. In addition, a consumer has a chance to compare prices, compare models of cars, and do all these in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner. On the other hand, the drawbacks of online care purchasing include the lack of confidence in the quality of the car. Moreover, without personal examination, one takes the risk of being a victim of scammers if the sellers are engaged in fraudulent activities.

What additional actions might Mackenzie consider before buying a motor vehicle?

Before Mackenzie buys a car, she should examine the reviews about the car she has chosen to ensure its possible maintenance problems. Moreover, it is advisable to compare costs related to the time of purchase and delivery to ensure the cost-efficiency of the deal. Another issue that should be addressed is the warranty and service options available. Finally, when finalizing the decision, Mackenzie should ensure the safety of financial transactions to ensure a secure deal.

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What do you consider to be the benefits and drawbacks of shopping online for motor vehicles and other items?

When shopping online for expensive products or items, one is exposed to both risks and benefits. In my opinion, online buying has more benefits than disadvantages since it allows for saving time, comparing multiple options, obtaining discounts, and having purchases delivered. As for the drawbacks, they include fraud risks, which necessitate checking the credibility of websites and online stores. Moreover, some of the items are difficult to choose without examining them in person or trying them on, such as clothes, footwear, or others.

Determining Appropriate Housing

A single parent with two school-age children should choose safe and affordable housing to ensure a proper living environment for the children as well as meet the financial requirements of a single parent. Indeed, a single parent might have difficulty paying high maintenance bills and mortgages. Therefore, a rented two-bedroom apartment would be an appropriate option for a single parent with two school-age children for safe and affordable living.

A two-income couple without children might consider purchasing a house in an area that meets their commute requirements and financial possibilities. Despite maintenance costs and mortgages, the couple with two incomes might be able to pay the bills and ensure affordable living conditions. A person with both dependent children and a dependent parent would require a rental housing option with a minimum of three separate bedrooms to fit all residents. Due to the financial constraints that might be an issue for such a family, rental housing would be the best solution since it does not necessitate maintenance costs and responsibilities. Finally, a couple near retirement with grown children might require a country-side house with a yard to ensure safety for movement and affordability. Moreover, it might be important to locate the house not far from medical facilities and parks for recreational and possible health care purposes, which might be necessary for older adults.


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