Responsibility as the Fundamental Quality for Any Person

Every human being is unique and inimitable. There is hardly a person who has the same set of values and feelings as some other individual has. It makes life diverse and complicated at the same time. To understand a person it is essential to realize his/her attitude towards universal truth, ideas and values appreciated in society. The complexity of all these factors impacts the formation of the mentality of a person and the way he/she interacts with the surrounding world. For this very reason, the relationship of people with such concepts as honesty, sincerity, responsibility, etc. result in the formation of a certain image of the world and values appreciated in it.

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Responsibility is one of the fundamental qualities of any person, regardless of his/her social status or age. Oxford dictionary defines it as “the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone” (“responsibility” para.1). However, it is a very generalized definition that introduces only the duty, not describing numerous ethical concerns related to the idea of responsibility.

For me, responsibility is not just the realization of the necessity to do something, but the acceptance of the aftermath connected with a certain action or issue. In this regard, to be a responsible human being implies the adherence to the most important moral norms and act not because of the necessity but on account of the realization of the importance of certain actions. It could help a person to achieve the desired goal and remain a high-toned individual.

Every person is responsible for a great number of concerns in his/her life. Additionally, the older a person becomes, the more duties he/she acquires. Usually, these duties are chosen based on priorities and goals appreciated by an individual. The focus on a certain sphere of activity results in the reconsideration of the lifestyle and acceptance of the responsibility to care for it and guarantee its success. Every human being is characterized by a set of priorities impacting the goals and the whole life. I am not an exception. Family and a successful career are two major concerns related to my life. For this reason, I feel responsible for the events connected with these aspects. I try to contribute to their development and protect them from the pernicious external influence.

However, I perfectly realize the fact that it is impossible to control everything in life and try to introduce shifts in the spheres of activity that are beyond my control. Instead, I prefer to do not feel responsible for things insignificant to me. The world financial crisis, international policy, and several other issues have an impact on my life; however, I am not able to change them. That is why my attention is given to more important and topical concerns.

Finally, the recognition of responsibility contributes to the personal growth of a person and the evolution of his/her mentality. An irresponsive person is weak as no concern could impact his/her growth and demand great efforts. Sometimes, the acceptance of the responsibility could present severe difficulties and make a person work hard to accomplish the duty. Yet, I insist on the idea that it is essential to be responsible and try to care about the things which are most significant to you.

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