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Responsibility in the Nursing Workplace


Although the concept of responsibility might not seem like a difficult one to grasp, it often eludes members of healthcare (Düchting 11). The specified phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that following a set of rigid ethical standards in the environment that can be described as extremely challenging and emotionally exhausting is very difficult. However, I believe that responsibility can be defined as the ability to retain ones’ ethical standards and maintain them high even in the most difficult circumstances and under the greatest amount of pressure. As long as one manages to keep one’s priorities straight despite the pressure that mounts with every new task, one can be regarded as a responsible person.

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Responsibility in Healthcare

Since responsibility implies the ability to locate the tasks that one must accomplish and identify the methods for meeting the set goals as diligently and efficiently as possible, it will be reasonable to suggest that responsibility is the acceptance of one’s tasks and the ability to approach them from the perspective of rigid ethical standards based on putting the needs of others first. The identified definition seems particularly sensible in the context of nursing and healthcare, where one must develop empathy and a perfect understanding of patients’ needs before commencing the process of treatment and management of patients’ needs. Therefore, responsibility can be interpreted as the ability to approach one’s tasks and objectives by viewing them through the lens of ethics and high moral values.

Raising Responsibility Levels

I also believe that responsibility is connected closely to one’s professional skills and competencies. While I could suppose that responsibility can exist outside of the context of professionalism, being a highly-skilled expert without responsibility does not seem to be a plausible assumption to me. In other words, responsibility is linked directly to one’s understanding of one’s professional goals and tasks. As long as one is aware of what people depend on the choices that one makes, developing a responsible attitude toward the management of one’s professional goals and assignments appear to be the only logical way of approaching one’s work.

Finally, responsibility must be linked to communication. Even though the connection between the two might not seem as obvious, responsibility can be defined as the skill of identifying key goals and communicating crucial information to the participants involved in workplace processes. A responsible attitude demands that one could have the ability to communicate crucial details, such as objectives, possible obstacles, and expected outcomes. Thus, responsibility can be considered the skill of being able to communicate one’s priorities and use the available resources to meet the set goals.


It seems that responsibility, especially in the setting of a nursing workplace, can be identified as being able to complete one’s tasks even in the face of increasingly difficult circumstances. The specified definition applies to the realm of nursing and healthcare especially well. Due to the challenges associated with the necessity to meet the needs of extraordinarily diverse populations under huge time pressure, nurses must be responsible, empathetic, and at the same time reasonable and collected enough to think critically and use the available resources to assist their target population. Therefore, in my understanding, responsibility is the skill that is linked directly to professionalism and the ability to think logically. As soon as one keeps an eye on what is essential, one will be able to accomplish their tasks and address the needs of target demographics.

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