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Review of A” Beautiful Mind” Movie

A Beautiful Mind is an award-winning film that depicts the life and work of John Nash, a notable mathematician whose work in the subject of game theory earned him the Noble Prize. Apart from displaying John Nash’s mathematical genius, the film focuses on the onset of schizophrenia in Nash and paints an accurate picture of the symptoms he experienced. Beginning with a barely discernible hint of the prodromal phase, the intensity of positive symptomatology during the active phase, and the slowing down of the main character’s cognitive function while life appears to return to normal during the residual phase. While the detailed depiction of first-hand experience with schizophrenia may seem excessive for a single film, it also includes numerous scenes that highlight the expertise of family members who are inevitably affected by a loved one’s diagnosis, as well as the social stigma associated with mental illness, which created numerous difficulties in one’s professional life.

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Nash is introduced as a strange and isolated graduate student who is also incredibly bright at the film’s start. He has an odd habit of noticing and pointing out very intricate but ostensibly fundamental connections between various things, that no one else seems to see. The audience, like his colleagues, is likely to mistake these incidents for indicators of his genius at first, even though it becomes evident as the film goes that they are early symptoms of schizophrenia. Similarly, Nash’s proclivity to isolate himself from others and spend days without leaving his room are initially misunderstood as particular aspects of his unusual personality. Still, it is eventually shown that these episodes are also symptoms of the developing sickness. Overall, the film brilliantly depicts how early signs of schizophrenia are frequently misinterpreted by one’s family and friends, as is often the case in real life.

A Beautiful Mind also demonstrates how difficult it is for persons with schizophrenia to balance taming positive symptoms and maintaining the average cognitive engagement required by their profession and desires. Nash found it challenging to cope with the adverse effects of medications that cured his psychotic symptoms and slowed down his cognitive capacities because being bright and handling intellectual activities were essential components of his personality. He could not take it anymore, so he started skipping his medicine to think and work as well as he used to. As a result, many patients may not see therapy for schizophrenia symptoms as a desirable cure because medicine tends to disturb one’s way of life. Furthermore, because schizophrenia drugs modify essential neurological processes, they may impede the patient’s personality, which can be difficult for loved ones to accept. Alicia Nash stayed by his side during his terrible trip, even though it was evident that seeing the man she fell in love with altering so radically was painful for her. As a result, schizophrenia impacts the person who is experiencing symptoms and everyone close to that person.

To summarize, A Beautiful Mind provides viewers with an extraordinary glimpse into how persons with schizophrenia experience it, as well as how it seems from afar. The film depicts the prodromal, active, and residual phases of schizophrenia and their manifestations. Both perspectives are presented in vivid detail and clarity, making this film particularly beneficial to psychology students because it aids in a better understanding of the evolution of schizophrenia, which is not always attainable with only the DSM-V criteria and textbook.

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