Roy’s Adaptation Model

Principle of Cosmic Unity

One of the paradigms discussed in Roy’s Adaptation model is the idea of “cosmic unity,” which redefines the goal of systematic approaches to nursing from mere system maintenance to the achievement of a greater purpose. Roy defines cosmic unity as a set of relationships between people and the Earth. The theory states that all beings on the planet share common patterns and integral relationships. The scientific assumptions of the theory are based on various living systems and complex processes existing with the objective of maintaining the purposeful existence in the Universe (Jennings, 2017).

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As I understand, the key difference between the General Systems theory and Roy’s Adaptation model is in the purpose of systems actions. While the former seeks to maintain the body of the patient for the sake of the abstract definition of normality and health, Roy’s theory states that good health is necessary for a person to achieve a higher state of being and succeed in fulfilling their purpose as predestined by their own will and the will of the God-figure in their lives.

Philosophic, Scientific, and Cultural Assumptions of Roy’s Adaptation Theory

Roy’s Adaptation theory is based on several philosophic, scientific, and cultural assumptions. The philosophic assumptions are based on seeing these systems as complex mechanisms of energy transfers rooted in equal measure in the existence and transformation of the Universe as well as by the relationship with the God-figure (Ursavas, Karayurt, & Iseri, 2014). This set of assumptions informs the existing nursing practices by offering a holistic platform that unites both physical and spiritual parts together.

The scientific assumptions place emphasis on conscious awareness of how actions affect the mind, body, and the environment around the patient. Lastly, the theory acknowledges that culture is an integral part of every human being and that every culture has a unique center to it, which a person’s perceptions of the world are based around. This part of her theory influences modern nursing practice by promoting inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in nurses (Jennings, 2017).

Roy views the 21st century as a time of transition, transformation, and a need for spiritual vision. I agree with her assessment of the situation, as it refers to the globalization of healthcare and the various challenges that it presents. With the economy transforming and reaching out to every nation on the planet, numerous individuals have found themselves far away from home. The communities, in their most basic sense of the word, are also undergoing a change in order to accommodate the newcomers.

This creates a rich and diverse melting pot of cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs. Modern healthcare is expected to be able to adapt to the needs of its patients, which makes Roy’s Adaptation Model even more relevant than before.

In my opinion, although every person and every culture is different from one another, we all make part of a larger plan. There are distinct similarities about healthcare beliefs that transcend the borders of space and time, indicating that these beliefs have the same root cause. It would be possible to adapt the system to the needs of every individual person, using these beliefs as a center for our healthcare practices. As a result, all patients will receive care adapted specifically to them and aimed not just on maintaining their health at a status quo but actually improving their mind, body, and spirit to facilitate a higher calling bestowed upon them by the cosmic meta-paradigm.

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