Schools in the 21st Century


Schools in the 21st century face numerous issues because of the increased technological advancements, which include e-learning, social media usage in classrooms, and/or self-paced learning (Kobalia & Garakanidze, 2010). In the 21st century, technological advancement is intense, especially with the development of internet facilities. Thus, many schools in this century use technology as an aid to effective and efficient learning, despite the challenges that arise from the integration of technology in the learning process. Students must meet the high expectations of competencies from this century’s education. The essay summarizes the competencies of the contemporary schools in the journal, ‘Problems of Education in the 21st Century’.

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Schools in the 21st Century

Competencies of the 21st century schools are from both teachers as well as learners. With the current technological advancement, the world is growing fast and so are the expectations from learners of schools that have been established in this IT-oriented century. The continuous need for competencies such as high skills and knowledge are the main challenges of the 21st learner (Kobalia & Garakanidze, 2010). The issue has attracted a hot debate on whether learners will emerge as ethical citizens after acquiring the 21st century education bearing in mind the wide exposure they get with reference to their level of abusing the technology. In order to survive throughout the century, students must develop attitudes that enable them thito nk critically besides possessing an entrepreneurial spirit. The 21st century learners are conversant with the use of the internet as well as the integration of technology in their learning processes to boost their performance. They use self-paced learning modules that ensure efficiency since learning occurs at the pace of the student (Kobalia & Garakanidze, 2010).

In addition, learning takes place anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and/or computer. This accessibility allows students to choose resources of their level of knowledge and interest. These competencies from the 21st century learners result in proficient individuals who can withstand the challenges associated with the century. Professional competencies of the respective teachers are also significant in raising competent learners. According to educational reforms, teachers play a vital role in instilling positive attitudes among learners. They encourage self-education by implementing a learner-centered teaching methodology. This way, the 21st century teachers act as an effective model for competencies as they do not only instill knowledge and skills. The article further points out impersonal teaching as the major problem with education in the 21st century (Kobalia & Garakanidze, 2010) because tutors mainly engage and interact with students online.


The article seeks to depict the major issues and influences of schools in the 21st century. Given the 21st century as one that is marked by increased technological advancement and increased knowledge, schools must strive to meet the standards. This claim is evident from the competencies of most schools in the 21st Century. The incorporation of technology in learning contributes significantly to the competencies witnessed from both the teachers and learners. The problems and challenges of these schools are largely a consequence of the fast-changing world. Currently, the demand for aptitude in knowledge and skills is on the rise as employers consider the best-skilled people while recruiting workforce. This situation explains why all schools in the 21st century must evolve to match the market demand for qualified learners regardless of the involved challenges.


Kobalia, K., & Garakanidze, E. (2010). Competencies in the 21st century. Journal of the problems of education in the 21st century, 20(1), 104-108.

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