Parking Space Problem at Florida University

There is no use denying the fact that nowadays, the sphere of education is given great attention. Coherent society believes that knowledge obtained in the process of studying can help a person to find a good job and make a good career. That is why education becomes more and more popular.

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However, people prefer to study at the most known and prestigious educational establishments that guarantee a good level of knowledge and skills for their graduates. Moreover, people choose certain institutions because of the absence of serious problems, either organizational or connected with academic activity. Thus, it is impossible to get rid of all drawbacks and, that is why some of them remain.

It should be said that Florida National University could be taken as one of the above-mentioned institutions that attract a great number of people from various states and countries. The given institution is situated in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County. Nowadays, there are about 1500 full-time students who study there (“University Facts” para.3).

Resting on these facts, it could be said that the area around the building of the establishment is a noisy place where a great number of people move. Additionally, taking into account the number of teachers who work at the given university, it is possible to conclude that there are many people who want to reach the building.

Thus, under these conditions, the problem appears. The fact is that there is not enough parking space for cars of all the people who wants to reach the University and enter the building. That is why, very often a student, or a teacher, who has arrived by car, is not able to find the place where to park and has to spend much time looking for a free parking place in some other districts.

The problem is complicated by the fact that there is a tendency towards the increase in the number of cars among people who attend the university and the number of students studying there (Pressler para. 4). That is why, in the future, the problem could become more complicated.

With this in mind, it becomes obvious that a certain solution should be found immediately in order to improve the situation and get rid of the nagging problem which disturbs people and distracts them from the academic process. First of all, everyone, who is not related to the Florida University, should be prohibited from parking near the University in order not to create various problems (“Parking Space Management” para. 5).

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Moreover, there should be a certain schedule according to which only people who have classes at a certain period of time could park there. Finally, in case of the further development of the University, some additional parking spaces should be created in order to guarantee a place for all students and professors of the given educational establishment.

Resting on these facts, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It should be said that Florida University could be taken as a popular educational establishment, which is attended by a great number of students and professors. That is why the problem of the lack of parking space should be solved in order to guaranty the further development of the given establishment and satisfaction of people who are related to it.

It is possible to recommend several important steps, such as the creation of a certain schedule, the introduction of the prohibition to park for common people, and enlargement of parking areas, which could help to solve the given problem.

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