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Senescence and Older Parenthood


With age, people develop various diseases and become less active. However, nowadays, more and more families decide to have children later in life. The main goals of this paper are to discuss senescence and its effects and reasoning for having children at a more mature age.

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Aging is one of the main risk factors for various diseases. It is associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and mental disorders. However, scientists do not understand the underlying processes that lead to aging. Senescence is a process when body cells stop dividing, thus they irreversibly stop growing (McHugh & Gil, 2017). It might occur due to impaired DNA or other damages to cells. Therefore, senescence relates to deterioration with age. However, it is important for natural development as it regulates tissue homeostasis. Nonetheless, senescence is also a cause of various disorders. Hence, studying this process might help to find new treatment methods that address the most common age-related diseases. Senescence is very complex and is characterized by numerous chemical reactions that occur in the body. However, this process is essential for evolution as it ensures natural reproduction. Senescence is a response to various types of damage, for example, the damage of compound structures at the end of a chromosome, telomeres (McHugh & Gil, 2017). They are covered with a complex protein compound called telosome. Telomere erosion is also associated with senescence (McHugh & Gil, 2017). However, the strength of such a relationship is still unknown.

As mentioned above, senescence has a significant impact on adults. It affects all body systems and all internal organs. First, muscles get smaller and lose mass as the number of fibers and their size reduces. Also, tissues between muscles and bones become less strong. In addition, the muscles in the heart cannot pump blood as they did before, and it often leads to cardiovascular disorders. Second, senescence affects bones. As bones contain fewer minerals, they become more fragile. Also, they lose mass, which leads to the development of osteoporosis. In addition, tissues between bones become inflexible. Third, this process has a highly negative effect on joints. They also get weaker and less flexible. It often leads to inflammation and arthritis. Fourth, it affects memory. Usually, it gets less efficient due to aging. Older people have difficulties with remembering and memorizing. Sixth, senescence worsens sight. It becomes harder to focus on objects that are very close to the eyes. Also, people get more sensitive to light. In some cases, they develop a clouded vision. Seventh, it diminishes hearing as well. With age, adults start noticing that they cannot hear high frequencies. As senescence affects all systems and organs, it might lead to a wide range of disorders. That is why older people complain more often of all the above-described conditions.

Older Parenthood

There is a trend among modern people to have children at a later age. There are many reasons for that. First, people need to complete several educational programs, which requires more time. A good education is necessary to find a high-wage job. Therefore, people try to prepare themselves for parenthood financially. Second, some specialists state that older parents live longer (Newman, 2017). It is especially relevant for women. Third, older people have more experience that is necessary to raise children. They can deal with stress and other problems more effectively. Also, their life is more secure and stable, thus they can spend much time caring for their children. In addition, more educated people are more likely to create an appropriate environment for personal development. Finally, this trend is getting more and more popular, which also contribute to decisions to have a baby at a later age. Therefore, older parents are associated with various benefits for children.


In conclusion, aging has both benefits and drawbacks. Although it is usually accompanied with different disorders, older people have less stressful lives. For many individuals advantages of a mature age outweigh its shortcomings. That is why modern people try to create families and have children after reaching a certain socioeconomic status.


McHugh, D., & Gil, J. (2017). Senescence and aging: Causes, consequences, and therapeutic avenues. Journal of Cell Biol, 217(1), 65-77.

Newman, S. (2017). 5 benefits of having children later in life. Web.

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