The Impact of Relationships With Parents on the Future | Free Essay Example

The Impact of Relationships With Parents on the Future

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences


  1. It is a generally recognized fact that the future of each child is affected by the relations with their parents, but why?
  2. Regardless of being developed more than five decades ago, attachment theory is still relevant today because it is one of the best ways to explain both short- and long- term relations between humans as well as forecast their dynamics.


1. According to attachment theory, three main attachment patterns predetermine a person’s perception of appropriate relations with people.

a. A secure pattern is developed when caregivers are attentive to a child’s needs, thus making it trust people easily and become open in communication and tying bonds.

b. The avoidant pattern is characterized by the lack of attention and negligence that results in feeling protective against new acquaintances and avoiding close relationships.

c. The ambivalent pattern is a combination of the two abovementioned ones because it is based on inconsistency in child-caregiver relations, thus entailing ambivalence in establishing contacts in the future (Hong & Park, 2012).

2. Regardless of the prevalence of secure attachment among people, insecure (avoidant and ambivalent) patterns are also common, and their impact on acceptable behaviors is critical.

a. The foundation of the problem is constant anxiety and vigilance in developing relations between children and caregivers – the so-called attachment disorder.

b. In the future, it leads to conscious isolation from social activities and controlling emotions (Ohtaras, 2015).

c. Still, the main challenge is that this condition turns into a clinical issue that may entail socially unacceptable behaviors more critical than self-isolation – anxiety-based violence.

3. Even though the potential outcomes of insecure attachments are challenging, they can be prevented.

a. The promotion of adequate communication and education about secure attachment is the basis for improvements.

b. Demonstrating openness in verbal and non-verbal communication is another effective strategy.

c. Individually working with each person to satisfy their emotional needs is the best approach.


  1. Becoming familiar with the postulates of attachment theory is one of the best ways to understand the dynamics and patterns of human relations.
  2. A better apprehension of its principles is essential for bringing up right-minded citizens.


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