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Shifts That May Happen as the Internet Continues to Grow and Expand


The communication industry can boast of one of the most important innovations during the age of the internet. The internet has revolutionized not only the communication world but also the whole world. Information has become readily available with the click of a button and this has led consumers to be powerful in their choices (Willinger, Govindan, Jamin, Paxson & Shenker, 2002). The Internet can be said to be the innovation that has transformed every industry and individuals’ life. The changes can be seen in technological, business, and society, and development.

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Technological advancement

McBlain (2009) predicts that the revolutionary internet is moving towards increased audio web surfing that will involve the speech chat where text will be replaced by speech. In addition, it will involve the user using audio (spoken) commands rather than the mouse or keyboard to input commands. Moreover, this will also auger well with issues of multi-touch computing. With an expected high increase of web visitors, the speed must be improved greatly.

Technology will also make it possible to browse on the web from any device. Although the battle between the media and the internet is still on, transforming the internet to be on televisions and other electronic devices (not just computers and mobile phones) would be the next option to increase accessibility (McBlain, 2009). Multiple networking may also be possible with internet advancement. This will make it possible to have multiple users onboard and thus create an online community. Mobile phone technology will improve further to accommodate personal digital assistance such as giving advice on what to buy or not and why, and who qualifies or does not qualify to be a friend, and reasons behind that among other services (Zittrain, 2010).

McBlain (2009) predicts the introduction of other domains and the end of domination by the dotcom. This will lead to reduced congestion on sites and hence search engines, communities, networks, and RSS readers can access the internet easily. Moreover, he also predicts the reduced use of internet explorer 6.

Sparks (2009) predicts many developments in the technologies used in CSS3, HTML5, and Fonts as a Service that will be interesting. Due to the many web browser companies such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera, and safari, the website pages load for the same search will be different. There will also be an expected increase of other web browser companies. There will also be a public switched telephone network (PSTN) connecting to the Internet with high-speed networking data services.

Business advancement

E-commerce has been developed and advanced for a long. The online trading of many products, online banking, online reservations, and advertisement on the web has been enormous and intense. With the ever-increasing web advertising styles then the web is destined for a bright future in the business arena. Sparks (2009) predicts that in terms of technological business, SaaS (Software as a Service) will continue to replace other software. Finney (1998) writes that e-commerce has improved and continues to improve each minute. For firms, the trading must change with the trends such as outsourcing for capital and communication (Seltzer, 2002). Many firms will have online data or digital records which will include data generated online. Concentration will shift to global markets for almost all countries. All products will be made to suit global needs and accessibility increased by the internet. Teleconferencing and e-meetings will be the most used means of conducting meetings; thus eliminating the need for traveling, which will enhance logistical costs savings. Moreover, internet-controlled drivers in both road and rail transport may replace human drivers making transport being auto-controlled from a remote location.

Fraudsters will also try to make a kill from the trading and many will have to trick buyers will new articulated methods (Pastore, 1999). This will make the businesses always have a recovery strategy at hand due to the risks involved. Insurance may even venture into such industries with an intention to make profits with the introduction of new risks that arise from internet damages, attacks by ensuring the risks.

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Social advancement

With the latest developments of social sites like Twitter and Facebook, the social world has proved to be closer if not yet a global village. Reunions are made possible and longtime friendship revived in addition to enhancing intercultural or international friendships and interactions. Precisely, sites may develop to train and teach languages that will make it possible for meetings to be well coordinated. Moreover, people may witness cultures merging to make one feasible culture of the common good (Coffman & Odlyzko, 1998).

Many games are now being played online involving people from different places around the globe. This may trigger competitions and tournaments being played online with millions of online spectators, an atmosphere of online competition that can be accessed by everyone; indeed, there will also be online gambling and multiple online playing (Sparks, 2009).

Socially, the world will be integrated through getting information that links people of different cultures. Music may also develop on the web with people accessing music through social online sites and thus give a true global taste. Job hunting has also been made easier with so many sites advertising and providing information about jobs; the shift may now move to online human resources. Interviews and aptitude tests may be conducted online hence reducing the burden of crowded offices.


The world has become a global village and technological advancements have become unimaginable. The internet has brought about significant changes in all spheres including economic, social, and political while it is still expected that the world become more integrated through advanced information technology. Indeed, with every invention being considered a success, the internet can as well be said to be a huge success.


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