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Full Sentence Outline and Incorporating Statistics

The rise of informational technologies affected the appearance of ‘New Relationships’ plan in UK which suggested using the internet technologies in sharing management information.

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  • The relatively low cost computers appeared in 1980 and information and communication technology appeared in education.
  • E-mails became a quicker medium of information sharing in 1992.
  • The ‘New Relationships’ plan was announced in 2004 and suggested the government of UK to share management information nationwide with the help of internet technology.

Information and communications technology can transform the educational system for better side what is should be the main consideration while deciding whether to use information and communications technology in education.

  • Information and communications technology increases the motivation levels of the students.
  • Information and communications technology helps students to learn faster as they may use the combination of things which information and communications technology allows.
  • Teachers do not use information and communications technology in classrooms in spite of its huge opportunities and advantages.

ICT may bring some inconveniences and even harm the process of education.

  • Hacking is one of the dangers which can appear with the broadening of Internet at schools and colleges.
  • The financial side of the question also stands not on the side of information and communications technology using in class.
  • The technologies which are available at school should also be available at home in order to access the information.

Information and communications technology enhanced learning promotes integrative approach to teaching and learning.

  • The connection with the information throughout the world is very useful for modern students.
  • The usage of information and communications technology in education brings lots of advantages and for students, and for teachers.

There are a lot of types of statistics, graphs, and illustrations that are appropriate for our topic. Most people are visual learners, so effective visuals can illustrate points in our research paper and help readers understand and accept our arguments more easily. The most widespread types of visuals are graphs, tables, and pictures. These types of visuals fit out topic in the best way and should be used in our research paper to illustrate the ideas which we have written.

One of the main conditions for any graphs, tables or illustrations should be the existence of labels to every piece or part of the graph, table or picture. One more obligatory condition is the talking message titles. The aim of these titles is to catch the attention and to help the immediate remembering of the visual information.

Graph is one of the main visuals which students use in their research papers to illustrate their statistics. Graphs are very easy to create with help of Microsoft Word. One of the difficulties which may appear is the choice of the graph which will correspond to the presented material best. Graph types: selecting graph type article in LabWrite Resources, which is available online, gives us some hints of how to choose the appropriate graph and which technique to use.

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After analyzing the information in our research paper I came to the conclusion that bar graph is the most appropriate to the information in our research paper which deals with percentage ratio of the teachers in reference of who and how often use information and communications technology during their classes.

The other type of graph which seems to be appropriate to our research paper is the pie chart, which is the visual depiction of the information about the percentage ratio of schools that have websites. The colons in bar graph and pieces pie chart should be colored and bright; they should strike and attract people’s attention.

The illustrations (pictures for example) may also be bright and colored and attract the reader’s attention. The illustrations may be of different themes, size and direction. Illustrations will definitely correspond to the information about the cases of advantages of use ICT in education in our research paper.

All these types of graphs and illustrations are available in Microsoft Word in the Menu bar Insert. All the graphs, tables or illustrations are aimed to summarize the information which was written by words. Then it should be worked up and located in the graphs, tables or illustrations. The summarized and visual information is percept and remembered better.

One more type of visuals may be used in our paper is table. It is one of the easiest ways to represent the reader with the statistics which can be introduced in the text. Tables may be created either in Microsoft Office Word or in Microsoft Office Excel. These two options are available in the Microsoft Office Word document.

So, visuals are very important in every student’s research paper if the research deals with numbers, percents or any information which may be gathered, summarized and put in the visual item. Any visuals are very easy to remember, they include not much information which is represented in a very available and simple manner.

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