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Should Preventive Care Be Restricted From High-Risk Patients


The paper is aimed at a constructive argumentation of whether preventive care should be restricted for high-risk patients or patients nearly to be ill or not. In this respect, the research deals with the authoritative opinions of therapists and observers of the issue in a nationwide scope. Due to a problematic background of the theme the features of the research proposal touch upon the concise data as of preventive care.

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To support it with current evidence the material in the paper is performed according to a specific structure with a focus on the reliance and significance for health studies. The idea of the paper touches on social affairs, in particular. Though, the audience for the discussion presupposes a mere number of people being aware of the current transformations in the society along with the idea of a national Healthcare approach for the population. Thus, the audience includes a wide scope of people.


The problem of preventive medical care is a vital approach for the national program of Health Care. It means that preventive measures are better to make efforts so that to stop the development of a disease. It is advantageous both for a patient and the state. First of all, expenses for insurance may decrease. Then, population health may improve the current situation with citizens’ well-being. The attention of most doctors in the United States is grabbed on the problem of heart attacks and diseases on the whole. It is known that within allegedly healthy people there is a high risk of spontaneous heart diseases.

Then there is a fair question where one should find a panacea for such negative effects. Wong et al (559) emphasize the idea of patient prioritization in terms of preventive care. In this respect, the authors provide a treatment using physician and non-physician approaches for effective health care services (Wong et al, 559).

For the efficacy of preventive measures medics also promote the behavioral touch as for the awareness of healthy way of life and more prospects about how to save health: “A supportive family that instills proper health habits in its children, for example, may also promote better health in the future, even though the benefit may not be realized for years” (Marelich and Erger 74). Though, there should be no restrictions as for preventive care, especially for those being nearly at high risk of disease.

Otherwise, an opposite approach of the Health Care department is apt to destruct “the health belief model” (Jones 105). Pointing out Asclepiades’ Oath it is necessary to mention the idea of no limits to save a man’s life. Furthermore, the ecological and environmental hazards emphasize the situation. Thus, healthcare monitoring is vital for a country where scientific thought is at the core of social and economic development.


Thus, the idea of preventive care for high-risk patients should have no restrictions due to the significance of the problem and probable fast reaction, unless no the preventive measures were restricted. For the research, the primary sources touched upon the last research materials in medicine with points on disease prevention. All data were collected with information for the last five years of scientific approach toward the issue. All in all, the idea of the research proposal provides disclosure of its interdisciplinary mutual relation with psychology, physiology, human resources, sociology, etc.

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