Significant Event That Positively Impacted My Life


Every person may notice that there is a wide range of factors that influence his or her life every day. New acquaintances, knowledge, or experience make their contribution either to improve or degrade the quality of living. However, at the same time, only highly significant events have an immeasurably essential impact on people’s lives and change them completely. Although the influence may be negative as well, this essay will describe in detail the most important decision that positively changed my life.

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United States Marines

It goes without saying that it is impossible to overestimate the significance and reputation of the United States Marines. Their fundamental goal is to defend Americans inside the country and abroad. For this mission, Marines are trained to become ideal soldiers and quality citizens who are able to win any battle of the United States nation. They learn to improvise and make quick decisions “to adapt and overcome any obstacle in whatever situation they are needed” (Mission of the Marine Corps. Our Approach & Purpose par. 1). The Marine Corps differ from all other military forces in the world, and it is not training, tactics, or equipment that distinguish them but the primal spirit of warriors that forces soldiers to overcome all difficulties by all means and accept nothing but victory.

Leslie E. Brown, the lieutenant-general of the Marine Corps, said, “We have only one mission to perform—that is to fight and win. And we must do it better than anyone else in the world” (Mission of the Marine Corps. Our Approach & Purpose par. 3). As professional soldiers, Marines definitely have the desire to protect their country, the willingness to participate in any mission, and the enduring determination to defeat any enemy of the United States until victory is got.

There is a wide range of operations for active-duty Marines, including traditional warfare in various locations, disaster relief activities, and humanitarian missions. As the United States expeditionary force are permanently on alert since 1775, Marines are constantly responsible for effective battles in crisis times to protect the interests of the nation either swiftly or aggressively (Mission of the Marine Corps. Our Approach & Purpose).

Soldiers have all necessary skills to fight on sea, air, and land independently or providing support for ground operations or naval ships. Their expeditionary doctrine has a long history of development and innovations to serve as an example of leadership in military operations for other countries. However, the Marines’ fighting spirit, standards of excellence, a sense of duty, loyalty, and responsibility that support them in their battles “extend beyond the scope of their military service” (Mission of the Marine Corps. Our Approach & Purpose par. 2). A substantial number of soldiers continue their service and contribute to the welfare of their native communities.

Reasons to Start Military Career

From a personal perspective, it will be absolutely just to say that the earning of the title of the United States Marine had the most positive impact on my life. First of all, it will be necessary to mention that I was dreaming about joining the Marine Corps since high school. I have experienced a negative attitude from several classmates due to my look and a lack of physical strength. Moreover, at the age of 18, I had a difficult situation in life that was connected to unemployment and financial instability. Nevertheless, I decided to change my life and start my military career as the United States Marine.

The reaction of my relatives and close friends concerning my decision was predictable – they all were frightened to death. It is perfectly clear to everyone that the Marines are considered to be the most lethal military branch in comparison with other detachments as their service may be connected with serious warfare. Marines should be ready to sacrifice themselves defending their country, however, their service may be connected with killing as well. Although I definitely had respect for the opinion of important people, I did not want to change my decision as I had a feeling that was moving in the right direction in my life.

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Positive Impact of Being the Marine

It goes without saying that the earning of the title of the Marine was extremely difficult due to highly intense training. However, all difficulties are explicable as the Marines are regarded as the most reliable military units.

That is why soldiers should serve as examples of professionalism, the endurance of body and spirit, bravery, and loyalty to their duty to the United States. Nevertheless, during my training, I was impressed by the level of support between soldiers and their dignity to be the Marines. Caporal Jeff Sorni said, “I love the Marines for the intangible possessions that cannot be issued: pride, honor, integrity” (Semper Fi. Marine Corps Mottos, Values, & Principles par. 3). His words explain the nature of the Marines’ service and the feeling of being the part of it in the most appropriate way.

The most essential positive impact of the Marine’s title on my life is financial stability. Military service provides benefits and support that is impossible to estimate. If I did not start it, I would not be able to go to college without student loan debt. A prevalent number of students regard it as a highly disturbing issue as the necessity to make student loan payments after graduation substantially restrains life progress.

Being the marine, I may study in college for free. Moreover, military service provides subsidized housing in the territory of the United States as well. Although barracks for the Marines cannot be regarded as luxurious hotels, they are completely rent-free. Moreover, if approved, soldiers may live in apartments or homes that will be subsidized by the U.S. Military. In addition, the Marines are provided with free health care assistance, while for other people, medical insurance is highly expensive.

The positive effect of being the Marine will be actual for life in the future as the family members of soldiers have essential benefits as well. If I start a family during my military career, my spouse and children will have their rights for small business loans and military discounts in specific retail stores. Recreation benefits, such as free access to tennis courts, gyms, and swimming pools, and childcare services for a nominal fee, are included in benefits for the Marines as well.


The Marine Corps may be justifiably regarded as one of the most respectful and prestigious military units worldwide. The soldiers’ professionalism, fighting spirit, the commitment to their comrade-in-arms, patriotism, and the willingness to defend their nation make them unique warriors. I may proudly say that the decision to join the Marines and start a military career is the most significant event that changed my life and had a positive impact on it.

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