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Skin Cancer Causes

Different cells make up the body and they divide and also multiply in orderly way. The older cells are replaced by new ones. If there is a case of cancer, there are some cells inside the body that have already changed in function and appearance. These cells divide and grow at a way that can not be controlled causing cancer. Skin cancer is a serious disease with malignant cells being found in epidermis which is the skins outer layer and skin cancer develop due to being exposed to the sun continuously.

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The largest body organ is the skin which offers the body protection from infection and injury. It regulates the temperature of the body and gets rid off the waste substances using sweat glands. Epidermis is the skins outer layer and the layer underneath is the dermis. Squamous cells are contained in epidermis and their shape is flat. Below the layer we have basal cells which are round in shape. Between epidermis and dermis are the melanocytes that produce melanin to give the skin color. (Rajpar, 2008)

There is basic understanding that exposure to too much sun can lead to skin cancer and much of this is supposed to be understood. for example, it is not fully known that is we do not change our habits majority of us will one time get skin cancer during our lifetime and many people will die from it. It is only few people who are aware that not all sunscreens offer protection against effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation in our immune system. Very few people are aware that their cloths can expose them to ultraviolet radiation. People should be informed that they can get skin cancer by exposing their neck and arms to the sun and therefore it is necessary to avoid it. (Rigel, 2004)


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