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  1. Counseling Profession’ Analysis: Current State of the Profession and Potential Threats
    The counseling profession offers a wide range of services. It ranges from counseling students on various issues regarding their academic work to families in a crisis situation.
  2. Psychology: Christian Counseling
    The four models of Christian counseling include cognitive and solution focused approach, active listening, inner healing, and mixed models.
  3. Online Counseling: Ethical and Legal Issues
    This paper discusses the ethical and legal issues associated with online or technology-assisted counseling and advises how to address the issues of online counseling.
  4. Counseling Profession: Origin and Description
    The paper concentrates on the origin of counseling, the people who pioneered it, description of their works, and how they helped the development of guidance and counseling.
  5. Disability Studies in American Counseling: 2003-13
    In their article, Woo et al. aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the content of the American Counseling Association in regard to disability issues.
  6. Counseling, Its Ethical Standards and Principles
    Since counseling is a significant activity in psychology, it should be performed in compliance with the applicable ethical standards and principles.
  7. Counseling Depression: Ethical Aspects
    This paper explores the ethical aspects required to work with a widower who diminished passion for food, secluding himself in the house, portraying signs of depression.
  8. Counselling Young People: Identification of Formation Where Counseling Is Needed
    This paper focuses on the area of identity formation where counselling is needed to help young people and children to gain confidence in tapping and utilising the underlying potential to the maximum.
  9. Acupressure, Counseling, Proper Nutrition in Nursing
    The purpose of this review is to find out and justify whether such nursing interventions as acupressure, counseling and proper nutrition are necessary.
  10. Genetic Counseling and Hypertension Risks
    This paper dwells upon the peculiarities of genetic counseling provided to people who are at risk of developing hypertension.
  11. Medical and Psychological Genetic Counseling
    Genetic counseling is defined as the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease.
  12. Genetic Counseling for Cystic Fibrosis
    Some of the inherited genes may predispose individuals to specific health conditions like cystic fibrosis, among other inheritable diseases.
  13. Alzheimer’s Disease and Family Counseling Services
    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become one of the leading death causes. The goal of the paper is to study the effects of family support with and without family counseling services.
  14. Group Counseling for Children and Disabled People
    Work with adults in groups is complicated by the particular individuality of each person and the lack of desire to be led by somebody.
  15. Marriage and Family Counseling
    The woman in the discussed situation decided to preserve her autonomy, and in case the marriage is truly frustrating for her, then she has the right to act so.
  16. Role-Play Counseling: Skills and Stages
    This paper analyzes the role of the counselor in the role-play of the client, identifies the stages in the counseling, and lists the skills used by the counselor.
  17. Cultures and Worldviews in Counseling
    It is unethical to treat every culture and ethnicity uniformly in counseling as it may need to be utilized for each culture different approaches and techniques.
  18. Working With Mandated Ordered Client in Group Counseling
    Therapeutic counseling requires a great deal of compliance with standards of practice. Confidentiality is a critical observation in the course of group counseling.
  19. “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” by Mark McMinn
    In “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling,” Mark McMinn comes up with a healing model, which involves need, sense of self, and relationship with God.
  20. Christian Counseling for Marriage and Family
    This paper discusses Christian counseling for marriage and family described in “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.
  21. Counseling: Clinician as Christian
    A practical example of Christian counseling can explain its principles fully. A lot of approaches to counseling, the main of which are psychology-based, Bible only, and open-minded approaches.
  22. Individual Counseling: Collaborative Goal Setting and Effectiveness
    Collaborative goal setting is one of the conditions of effective counseling relationships. The individual counselor should create the atmosphere of acceptance.

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  1. Counseling Theories and Theorists
    By learning various major approaches to counseling and psychotherapy, one develops a balanced view of the major ideas of various theorists and therapists.
  2. Career in Clinical, Counseling, Forensic Psychology
    The paper indicates the further direction of educational planning and job research in the spheres of clinical, counseling, and forensic psychology.
  3. Careers in Clinical and Counseling Geropsychology
    This study focuses on clinical psychology as an umbrella that covers clinical and counseling psychology and geropsychology to understand specializations in learning and memory.
  4. Counseling Therapy: Josie Case
    In most cultures, people with disability are often victimized and secluded from societal activities. The victimization coupled with seclusion results in low self-esteem.
  5. Group Counseling Management and Duties
    A group counselor should focus on helping the participants to carry out immediate actions and at the same time providing support that might need to be accomplished quickly.
  6. Laughter and Its Therapeutic Value in Counseling
    Therapeutic laughter may be one of the most effective and natural solutions. This research paper will discuss the positive health effects of laughter and its use in psychotherapy.
  7. Ethics in Human Services: Counseling Agency
    The intended counseling agency will have competent professionals guided by an effective code of ethics to offer evidence-based services to couples using humanistic style.
  8. Informed Consent and Code of Ethics in Counseling
    This paper gives a literature review of informed consent and code of ethics and presents a summary of my code of ethics and how it can be applied in a counseling environment.
  9. Counseling for Healthy Relationships With Parents
    To develop an effective treatment, it is necessary to come up with a problem formulation that should include such areas as environment, thoughts, emotions, and physiology.
  10. Adlerian Theory for School Counseling
    This research paper investigated the primary constructs of Adlerian theory. The use of the Adlerian approach is especially beneficial for school counselors.
  11. Analysis of A. Ahmed’s Pregnancy Counseling
    Pregnant women receiving specialized advice during pregnancy may be crucial to increasing the quality of their well-being throughout the childbearing process.
  12. Veronica Vargas: Career Counseling
    In this paper, a case study of Veronica Vargas will be analyzed with the help of such elements as genogram construction, worldview interpretation, theory application, and description of cultural issues.
  13. Personalized Lifestyle Counseling in the US
    Personalized lifestyle counseling can change the lives of many Americans. It has received positive feedback over care and compassion that specialists show to their patients.
  14. Cognitive Behavioural and Existential Counseling Modalities
    The present paper is designed to provide a brief summary and evaluation of cognitive behavioural and existential counseling modalities.
  15. Couple Counseling and Its Principles
    It is of crucial importance to understand that such notions as couple counseling, marriage counseling, or marital therapy denote practically the same process.
  16. Psychotherapy and Counseling for Drug Abuse Treatment
    Drugs are the biggest vice of humanity, along with the mental and moral deviations, horrible diseases of modern times, social neglect and abuse it causes and goes along with.
  17. Career Counseling Overview: Accounting Career
    The essay describes the necessity and the process of the career counseling session for the group of students with common interests and skills.
  18. Concept of Guiding and Counseling in Grief and Loss
    In the concept of guiding and counseling, the phenomenon of loss can be referred to as an inevitable part of life while grief is a natural part of the healing process in that respect.
  19. Mental Health Counseling in Bipolar Disorder
    Cognitive and interpersonal techniques help to resolve issues of life problems including demoralization, stigmatization, and lack of opportunity to learn from peer figures.
  20. Biblical Terms Used in Christian Counseling
    The available statistical data points out the fact that, during recent decades, the popularity of Christian counseling among citizens has been growing in exponential progression.
  21. Counseling and the Problem of Battered Women
    Counseling off battered women is concerned with prevention measures especially concerning revictimization and managing other complications that may arise after the incidences of domestic violence
  22. Identity and Self in Counseling Psychology
    Discussion of identity and self in counseling psychology, the contemporary society, and how the contemporary issues of identity, diversity, and self impact the counseling.

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  1. Master of Counseling Graduate Responsibilities
    This paper will endeavor to look at the professional positions master of counseling graduates hold. In addition, the paper will look at the setting in which they hold the positions.
  2. The Capella University Mental Health Counseling Program
    Mental health institutions are like asylums that are modernized to cater for patients that are psychologically affected or their brains do not function properly.
  3. Theoretical and Foundational Issues in Religious Counseling
    The purpose of this paper is a Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth out of the reasons why the number of people who do not go to church is increasing in America.
  4. Small-Group Counseling for the High-School Students
    There is a need of identifying high school children through counseling strategies of various forms. Family Check-Up (FCU) program has yielded significant results for academic outcomes.
  5. The Role of Coordinator of Counseling
    The Coordinator of counseling performs several interactive roles in meeting the needs of faculty, students, community members as well as administrators.
  6. Teenage Counseling and Family Therapy Goals
    Teenage counseling often involves teenager and their family. Jones & Colin explain that the first task in teenage counseling is establishing whether there is a problem.
  7. The Therapeutic Principles of Group Counseling
    Therapeutic principles of group counseling conversion stage have characteristics such as struggle with group control, resistance, anxiety, establishment of trust within the group.
  8. Ethical Consideration in Group Counseling
    Group counseling is whereby a small number of people come together with an aim of sharing experiences, having certain, precise goals, and providing emotional support to each other.
  9. Analysis of Professional Counseling and Social-Justice Perspective
    Political and social justice perspectives on counseling are closely intertwined since the latter includes imposing theories regarding political actions and engagement.
  10. Adlerian Psychology: A Powerful Counseling Model
    This paper seeks to introduce and describe the Adlerian theory as a powerful model for counseling and providing psychotherapy to troubled persons.
  11. Counseling Services in US Education System
    The purpose of this essay is to study the problems associated with advisory services in the field of higher education in the United States.
  12. Maintaining Confidentiality and Protecting Clinical Information in Counseling
    Essay aims to explore how counselors working with clients in drug treatment centers should deal with issues of confidentiality and what pitfalls they can encounter in their practice.
  13. Counseling of Juvenile Males and Recidivism
    The rate of juvenile crimes especially in males seems to be rising and the trend has had many innocent people affected by these crimes.
  14. Group Counseling Termination
    Termination of group counseling requires many of the same skills used in ending individual counseling relationships.
  15. Counseling and the Characteristics of Helping Relationships
    Counseling is a multifaceted process that involves the creation of friendship, active listening and elevation of an individual to make a wise decision concord to current challenges.
  16. Rational Emotive Therapy in Counseling
    Rational emotive behavior therapy helps clients accurately identify self-defeating thoughts, challenge their rationality, and successfully replace them with healthier feelings.
  17. Using Prayer and Scripture in Counseling
    In the given case study, Chichima, a 20-year-old Christian woman, suffers from depressive symptoms caused by the abortion she did seven months ago.
  18. Developmental Counseling and Therapy in Application
    Developmental Counseling and Therapy (DCT) is a novel approach to counseling patients that seeks to understand and help individuals grow and reform.
  19. Addiction Theories and Counseling Techniques
    Addiction to substances can develop as a result of several factors, and researchers have tried to explain this occurrence via different approaches.
  20. Crisis Intervention and Counseling Approaches
    In the US, surveys have shown that clients from minority ethnic groups are likely not to seek counseling services – there is a need to promote a strong multicultural view.
  21. “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” Book by McMinn
    “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” is a book that reflects the professional experience and the wisdom of the author as a teacher and practitioner.
  22. Overview of Person-Centered Counseling
    This paper focuses on the person-centered approach, the similarities between it and gestalt therapy, and the application of existential therapy.
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