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Social Marketing Strategy for Public Health

The creation of the social marketing system, associated with the public health practices generally requires thorough analysis of the social processes and the market environment, for arranging proper marketing activity. On the one hand, the marketing processes, as well as the business analysis of the healthcare sphere may be regarded from the perspectives of health advocacy as the tendencies of healthcare market development. (Neudorf, 2009) On the other hand it requires the development of the optimum mix of products, which may generally entail medications, physical training programs and diet recommendations. Thus, healthy way of life may be promoted and sold in the form of booklets, lectures, and videos. Originally, such mix of products is the optimal decision for a diversified marketing activity. Nevertheless, there is strong necessity to consider the particularities of healthcare market, and state the price equal and adequate for maintaining the high level of consuming ability within the target audience. (Fishbein and Middlestadt, 2005) Place and promotion will be closely linked, as the advertisement strategy will be arranged in drug stores and physical activity centers (fitness centers, dancing clubs etc). The advertising strategy should be based on the concept, stating the usefulness and necessity of the healthy way of life, constant health testing and refuse from harmful products and habits.

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Packaging and positioning of the product will be closely associated with the tendencies of consuming behavior in the sphere of health care. Thus, people are reluctant while purchasing video courses, and they are often too skeptical as for the effectiveness of these means. Thus, extensive advertising is required, which will entail attracting volunteers, who will test the new product free, and explain the usefulness of the product for their life. (Underwood, Mowat 2009) Social marketing strategies will be applied during the market penetration phase of product introduction. In the light of this statement, it should be emphasized that the original values of health advocacy system will be regarded from the perspective of the health promotion tendencies and the volumes of health problems decrease. (Neiger, Thackeray 2003)

In accordance with the case studies, associated with social marketing and health advocacy, it should be emphasized that people do not take the guaranteed results for granted, as the original value of health care for them is the lack of necessity to resort to medical health. Thus, the promotion should be arranged in the recommendation form, without medical advices and doctoral exhorts.

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