74 Social Marketing Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Social Marketing

  1. Social Media Marketing: The End User’s Attention and Factors Affecting the Popularity of Brand Posts
    Social media increases communication amongst users of Internet by allowing the sharing of information, messages, videos, and even audio.
  2. Stakeholders Views on the Success of Social Marketing Campaigns
    This paper therefore gives an insight in to the social marketing concepts and reviews how stakeholders view the success of social marketing campaigns.
  3. Marketing: Social Responsibility and the Law
    The deodorant was bought from a South American company at an obviously lower value than the economic value of the deodorant.
  4. Social Media Tool in Modern Marketing
    This paper explores the different approaches a firm can use to measure and manage its online presence and reputation. It examines companies that have successfully implemented the SMM strategy.
  5. Taylor St Baristas Company: Social Media Marketing Plan
    In this report, the digital marketing plan for Taylor St Baristas developed with the help of Facebook as the main social media to promote online customer acquisition.
  6. Social Marketing and Political Advertising
    Advertising is a tool to communicate or sell ideas, concepts, and paradigms. This paper discusses social marketing and political advertising and defines covert advertising.
  7. Digital Marketing and Social Media
    The capabilities offered by the rapidly developing information technology segment have contributed to the speed, effectiveness, and affordability of digital marketing strategies.
  8. Social Media as Educational Technology Among Marketing Educators
    The empirical research study seeks to investigate and analyze how marketing educators can boost educational technologies by using social media platforms.
  9. The Effect of Social Media in Changing Marketing
    Marketing is one of the oldest business professions known to man and this skill has been used by people knowingly or unknowingly.
  10. Social Marketing and Media in Public Health Programs
    Although social media and social marketing have different meanings, they share some commonalities. This paper discusses the use of these tools in Public Health Programs.
  11. Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change
    The role of social marketing image in the spheres of business and social life functioning is presented through promotion of strategic marketing planning process.
  12. Social Marketing Campaigns Study Evaluation
    The paper evaluates the qualitative study “Evaluating the Role of Social Marketing Campaigns to Prevent Youth Gambling Problems.”
  13. Marketing Yourself and Social Media
    For many businesses, marketing strategies are aimed at obtaining the attention of consumers to their products and services.
  14. Social Media Marketing: Case Study
    The study suggests that social media marketing’s advantages can be visible through a link between the online word of mouth and high sales.
  15. Epidemiology and Demography: The Social Marketing Model
    The basic principles of epidemiology and demography are generally associated with the issues of epidemic spread, development and defense.
  16. Social and Commercial Marketing: A Dental Hygiene Program
    This paper defines social and commercial marketing and describes an appropriate social marketing strategy that could be used to encourage the uptake of a dental hygiene program.
  17. Social Marketing Strategy for Public Health
    The advertising strategy should be based on the concept, stating the usefulness and necessity of the healthy way of life, constant health testing and refuse from harmful products and habits.
  18. Ethical Issues in Social Marketing
    The paper states that marketing is not ethical in itself, but there are individual elements and manipulations which can hardly be called such.
  19. Toyota, Tide, and Pepsi Firms’ Social Media Marketing
    The work explores three brands, selected from the Super Bowl advertising 2020, and their marketing activities on social networks – Toyota, Tide, and Pepsi.
  20. Black Lives Matter Movement and Social Marketing Strategy
    This paper describes the BLM movement and how Apple, Colgate-Palmolive, and J&J transform their marketing strategies and social media approaches to support this global movement.
  21. Estée Lauder Firm’s Social Media Marketing Analysis
    The purpose of this report is to evaluate the Estée Lauder company’s social media performance and suggest a potential four-week promotional campaign.
  22. Marketing and Interaction Through Social Media Platforms and Gender Inequalities
    The photos posted by individuals on their social media accounts reproduce gender inequalities and reinforce harmful gender identity norms.
  23. Café StudyFun’s Social Media Marketing Plan
    The paper discusses that companies should rely on social media to ensure that potential visitors are aware of this competitive advantage.
  24. Social Media Marketing: Memes as a Branding Strategy
    The strategy allows the brand to promote its products through increased coverage of audiences with similar characteristics to the target group.

🎓 Most Interesting Social Marketing Research Titles

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  1. Social Marketing for Hotel Industry in Australia
  2. Google: Marketing and Social Media
  3. Does Social Marketing Provide a Framework for Changing Healthcare Practice
  4. Social and Ethical Responsibility in Marketing
  5. The Five Best Social Media Marketing Management Tools
  6. Social Marketing Sucks Marketing’s Role in Promoting Breastfeeding
  7. Politics, Marketing, and Social Media in the 2018 Local Elections in Iceland
  8. Merging Corporate Social Responsibility into Modern Marketing
  9. Social Media Marketing Impact on Brand Loyalty
  10. The Clean Water Project Is a Social Marketing Intervention
  11. Starbucks Social Media Marketing Strategy
  12. Social Media Integration Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  13. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) And Ethical Behavior in Marketing
  14. Social Media Marketing Gold from Digital Streams
  15. E-Marketing via Social Networking and Its Role in the Enhancement of Small Business Projects
  16. Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
  17. Social Factors Affecting Marketing
  18. Social Responsibility and Marketing Ethics
  19. The Social Marketing Aspects of Twitter
  20. The Relationship between the Quality of Life Concept and Social Marketing Development
  21. Digital Marketing and Social Media Project: Dove
  22. Social Media Marketing Strategies for Educational Programs
  23. Redefining Social Media Marketing and Search Engine
  24. Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists
  25. Integrated Marketing Communications and Social Media

💡 Simple Social Marketing Essay Ideas

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  1. Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Small Businesses
  2. Online Social Media Marketing and Toostep
  3. Niche Businesses and Effective Social Media Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing Activities Enhance
  5. Social Marketing India General Elections 2014
  6. Third-Person Effect and Social Networking: Implications for Online Marketing and Word-Of-Mouth Communication
  7. Oral Rehydration Therapy and Social Marketing in Rural Kenya
  8. Green Marketing and Consumerism as Social Change in China
  9. Social Media and Viral Marketing in China Media
  10. Red Bull Social Media Marketing
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Channel Coordination
  12. Identifying Opinion Leaders for Marketing by Analyzing Online Social Networks
  13. Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Own Small Business
  14. Health Promotion Strategies for Social Marketing
  15. Consumer Trust, Social Marketing and Ethics of Welfare Exchange
  16. The Social Marketing Tool for Informing the Public of Concerns
  17. Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants
  18. Successful Marketing Campaign Using Social Media
  19. Social Influence Marketing and Social Influencers
  20. Re-Thinking and Re-Tooling the Social Marketing Mix
  21. Marketing and Strategy Execution of the Social Media Space
  22. Social Media Marketing and Brands’ Social Marketing Behavior
  23. The Marketing Concept and Social Criticisms of Marketing
  24. Digital and Social Media Marketing
  25. Social Media Marketing for a Marketing Agency
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