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Social Media Nature and Influence

Recently, there has been computer systems progress, and human beings have developed communication means to make the world a global village. Scientists have succeeded in ensuring networking has become international. This mission revolves around the internet and the networks people use to access each other. Social media has become a culture; people interact, learn (both academic and non-academic knowledge), share ideas globally, and entertain.

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Social media’s interactive nature is highly influential; it breaks the traditional barriers of time and distance between people through social networking tools – Twitter, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook. It is a controversial topic in society today; some people think it is a blessing to humanity while others believe it is a tool that has led to the destruction of human interactions. These social networks have both positive and negative effects. Social media makes human relations appropriate compared to actual human interaction. It has built international connections – both business and social related. It has allowed communication between friends, family, and business partners anytime, anywhere in the world. Should we embrace social media further, and if so, should we have more guidelines for its use?

Social media in the world today is being used as a marketing platform for goods and services. More goods and services being purchased are based on referrals and people’s criticism. Brand influencers and ambassadors have taken advantage of their following to make social media marketing successful. In the past year, when a global pandemic hit the world, social media marketing had been embraced and appreciated more. People could buy and sell goods and services in the comfort of their homes. Businesses and organizations have, over the years, grown massively because of social media marketing. Social media has also increased human interaction so that people who are worlds apart can communicate and relate in different ways. Is social media a good thing for society, or are there some negative influences of its use?

Social media can be harmful in several ways to its users. Recently, trolling and cyberbullying have been issues that people have been dealing with without success. They spread false or misinterpreted information, which may defame the affected victims, ignoring that people are different and might be hurt differently. Social media negativities such as trolling and cyberbullying may have long-term mental health issues. If left unchecked, the victims could fall into depression, and others may commit suicide. Social media could be addictive, leading to individuals spending a lot of time on the internet, which means more screen time, leading to health issues such as eye problems, obesity, and other lifestyle-related problems. This is a concern affecting the younger generation, mainly the youth who use the internet often while others become dependent on it for company.

For these adverse effects to be reduced, laws could be drafted to take action on cyberbullies to maintain good mental health for users. The internet could also have sites that regulate what can be released through social media networks. Young people could also be reminded that “health is wealth” and in this way be encouraged to do more physical work. This in-place could help picture social media’s purpose and its role in making it more positive. Advocating for more physical human interactions could also help avoid the adverse effects of social media. Teenagers and youths should be taught to embrace traditional human connections instead of social media, which is just virtual.

In conclusion, social media is convenient and vital in the communication network in the 21st century. Despite being of great significance, social media also has adverse effects on our societies. Due to the simultaneous nature of social media, there needs to be more thoughtful and safer ways of using it. These ways can help build community positively and change social media’s perception across all age groups, therefore attaining its original purpose.

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