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Southwood School’s New Employee Orientation


The human resource function has a strategic value to any organization. Human resource managers are tasked with building relationships between the employer and the employee. In contemporary society, most organizations have recognized the value of teamwork and synergies. According to Wallace (2009), this should be based on a thorough understanding of the organizational operations and ensuring that employees align with the organizational culture. The human resource departments have to interact with other departments in numerous ways. As a result, many functions that are performed by the HR relate to the welfare of the human resource capital and crosscut all the organizational departments (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). The following paper exemplifies the role of human resource function interacts with other functions in an organization. The paper is based on an agenda for new employee orientation at Southwood School.

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Orientation Schedule

The human resource department will be tasked with the orientation process, which is to take one day. The table below is the schedule and time plan for the orientation.

Title Department Time slot Participants
Employee welfare and signing contract HR 8:30 –9:10 HR Manager
Financial obligation and finance obligation Finance 9:20-10:30 HRM, finance manager & accountant
Performance, work processes, & organizational values Management 11:00 -1:00 HRM, and supervisor
Official welcoming and placement Administration 2:10-2:40 HR, school secretary, and the school administrator

HR Department

The HR department plays a critical role in enhancing employee welfare (Smith, 2013). The human resource department’s organizational areas include recruitment, safety, employee relations, compensation and benefits, compliance and training, and benefits. The orientation will entail an overview of the HR department. This will be followed by a detailed explanation of issues that relate to safety, compensation benefits, compliance, employee relations, training, and development.

The benefits will entail the payment package for the employee and the accompanying rewards. This will also include the allowances available for the employees, taxes, and other reward schemes at Southwood School. The new employee checklist will be used to carry out the final verification of the employee’s eligibility. Checklist documents will include the formal identification card, employment authorization document, certified education certificates, and certificates of good conduct. After the certification, the employment terms will be explained. This will include the mandate of the employee and the general expectation. The human resource manager will then explain the probation period and its goals during the period. The organizational culture of the school will also be provided.

The employee will then be handed a handbook that contains policies that relate to the job. The handbook will also contain rules and procedures that govern the school and employees. This will include the terms of reference such as the probation periods, the performance appraisal, and the organizational chart and procedure for passing grievances. After being furnished with all the details, the employee then signs the employment contract and other consent forms.

Finance Department

The finance department is tasked with bookkeeping, day to day transactional accounting, management of the cash flow, credit collection, and the day to day payments. Also, the department is tasked with advising the institution on financial policies. In the department, the departmental head and an assistant accountant will be staked with the orientation. The representatives will provide an overview of the finance department and how it influences other departments’ work processes, such as the human resource department. The employee will be briefed about the school’s budgets and the financial strategies that have been put in place to achieve the financial projections.

The accountant will outline to the employee the cost-cutting initiatives that the department has enacted and the responsibilities of each employee in achieving the goals. The employee will be briefed about the strategies that have been put in place to raise funds for the school and the role of each employee in ensuring that teamwork in the financial management processes. For example, how to spend the petty cash assigned to the various departments.

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Management Department

The management department is tasked with ensuring a good work environment that ensures that the institution’s goals are met. Therefore, it works hand in hand with the human resource department to ensure that employees are motivated; they adopt the institutional culture and share in the goals of the organization. The school supervisor will explain the school’s expectations and the tasks the employee is supposed to undertake.

Examples of the issues will include discipline, relationships with other employees, and professional conduct while executing duties. The second issue will include the performance goals for the employee and the appraisal process. Clear timelines based on monthly, quarter year, midyear and annual expectations will be given. The supervisor will also reemphasize the official rules as captured in the employment contract and the employee handbook. The employee will be briefed about the cultural values of the organization. This will also integrate to cultural diversity in the institution and the need to embrace each other based on cultural tolerance.

The management understands the need for work-life balance; therefore, the supervisor will provide the employee with information about leave requests. For example, the maximum leave days the employee can have per year and the process of applying for leave, including the sick leave. Institutional communication system and contact information that is important for the employee will be availed. The supervisor will also be tasked with explaining and providing an organizational chart for the school, roles of each department from top to bottom, and how the various structures work to ensure synergy in the institution. The employee will then be shown the official place of work.

Information Department

In contemporary work environments, information and information management are critical factors for any organization. The information technology department is tasked with ensuring safe custody of the information. As a result, there are policies that organizations have to put in place to enhance the integrity of the organizations in terms of access to information. In the Southwood School, the IT manager will orient the employee to this crucial department. The IT manager will provide an outline of the responsibilities of each employee in ensuring that the IT department functions well. Also, detailed institutional policies that relate to IT will be provided. The employee will also be briefed on how to seek help in case of technical issues in the place of work. Other key issues will include the passwords required to access the sites the authorized sites for the employee.

School Administrator

The school administrator plays a critical in ensuring that all the departments work as a team. The administrator is the overall overseer of the school processes. Therefore, the administrator will reaffirm to the employee the need to work hard to achieve the departmental expectations and hence the overall school goals as per the mission and vision statements. The administrator will officially welcome the employee to the school.


Smith, R. (2013). Human Resources Administration. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.

Snell, S., Morris, S., & Bohlander, G. (2015). Managing Human Resources. Boston: Cengage Learning.

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Wallace, K. L. (2009). Creating an effective new employee orientation program. Library Leadership and Management, 23(4), 168-176.

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